1.v. To play with sperm preferably your own. Moving it with your index finger in swirly patterns. One could also write or draw pictures with it.
1. Me and Jonny whacked each other off last night and got on some finger painting.
by FPTop100 June 15, 2009
Top Definition
1.v.fingering a girl on her rag and then smearing the red, bloody mess on her body, especially her upper thighs.
2.n.designs/pictures on the skin drawn with warm period blood.
1.Man! I totally finger painted Susie last night and then we washed it ff in the shower together.
2.Wow, you really get creative with those finger paintings, dont you Bob?
by Vanessa&David Inc. January 22, 2004
Wiping the residue from your fingers onto a womans back after fingering them.
After fingering a girl, I lover finger painting smiley faces on their lower back.
by Super Beast 92 May 11, 2011
v; To finger a girl, and then proceed to spread the juices on her body, preferably face, so that you can make some kinky work of art.

mike, acon, rich
Dude, i totally gave my girlfriend a finger painting last night!
Really? What'd you draw?
I put a sunshine on her face and then she blew me.
Thats what i call art appreciation.
by novalax715 April 19, 2007
To finger a girl on her period thus getting blood on your fingers.
"Andrew was finger painting Sarah when her mom walked in"

Can also be used as a verb in the context "Andrew finger painted Sarah getting blood all over his hands"
by ratatatta February 17, 2010
When an individual goes second base with a girl/woman while aunt flow is in town.
Boy 1:Fingered that girl last night
Boy 2: But she told me she was on her period
Boy 1: I dont mind a little Finger painting
Boy 2: Thats wrong man, just wrong!
by Tommy Glow February 12, 2009
Code word for sex.
Coming from letters FP which means 'full penetration'.

Said by Mike when he banged Tanya in Paradise Hotel 2.
Guys: So what happened with Tanya last night?
Mike: We did some finger painting
by Rachel McPants December 14, 2010
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