Mail-order house, seller of novelty goods, household products, etc.
I used to get Fingerhut catalogs in the mail on a quarterly basis, but all at once they just stopped coming.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
Vagina. A warm place to place your fingers.
I played with her fingerhut to warm things up. After the fourth finger, she was hot to trot.
by Lateen O August 14, 2006
Short Man about 5'4, dispilines people at school and teaches history.
Fingerhut gave us home work today.
by curtis boyton October 15, 2008
A girl who wears her hair up in a high pony-tail, walks around in sweatpants with some what thick black eyeliner, can sometimes look orange cause she put too much foundation on and normally has the name "Sydy widy or Gaburto" and is also called "Fingy Wingy"
Ali- "Yoooo that girl is a fingerhut!"

Me- "yeah i know dude she be rocking those sweatpants!"
by sydney and gaburto April 25, 2010
noun. A colloqialism meaninf vagina. Used mainly by young, internet-savvy people.
Jacks placed his penis into Jill's fingerhut and both had fun for hours.
by Woklet January 15, 2007
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