when your fingering a girl as hard as you can, then it goes on to the best partt.
okay, last night, me and my girlfriend were watching a movie, and it was a boring ass movie..but anyways, we were both horny as shit! expecially my girlfriend, so she looks at me, and is like "finger fuck the shit outta me" and i was like "FUCK YEAH!" so, then i go at it, like CRAZY! that bitch is gapped as shit noww. i tore that pussy up. then, after i got done fingering her, she looks at me, and she was like "LETS FUCK!!!!!!" & i didnt even wanna talk, i just wanted to fuck the shit outta her. so, then i bent her over my tolet, and i start shoving my dick into her big fucking ass. i smacked that huge black as shit ass. then once i was done with the ass..i turned her around and shoved it 100000000000x harder in her vagina..& god, i tore that shit man..i feel sorry for the next guy that fucks her..cause she isnt even gonna feel it, she so gapped now.

adivse for the next guy, you might wanna try your hole fucking leg, cause that bitch is gapped!!!
by fuck me so fucking hard February 26, 2010
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"Nigga wanna finger fuck your whole squad"
-Luxury Tax (by Rick Ross)

"Yo man did you him finger fuck that dude?"
by Jack McKnight July 31, 2008
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