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Act of finger "fucking" a woman
Laura got finger blasted last night and she loved it.
by Alison, Laura and Erin March 12, 2004
Hardcore finger fucking.
I totally finger blasted her snatch, she had fucking internal bleeding when I was done with her.
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
Using your fingers to pleasure a females vaginal region. Basically fucking a girl with your fingers.
Man, I was finger blasting this chick last night.
by Roz October 28, 2003
aggressive finger banging of a vagina.
I was finger blasting some girl in the middle of the party.
by Meat Drapes August 14, 2009
The act in which a male inserts two or more fingers as far as possible into a woman's vagina, then pumps the fingers back and forth vigorously until the female blasts her sweet poonani juice all over the landscape.

See also: Crimson Switch
Dave: How'd it go with Lisa last night?

Lurch: Great, I spent a hot minute fingerblasting that shit.

Dave: How was the cleanup?

Lurch: It was okay, mostly got on my face.
by know13dge June 02, 2010
the process of inserting your finger into a female. also known as finger banging or fingering
johnny was finger blasting his girlfriend.
by james October 29, 2003
the act of a partner penetrating a female's vagina with one or more fingers

preferred, as a term, to finger banging by Adam Carolla of Loveline
Though Timmy had never finger blasted before, he got plenty of practice by picking his nose.
by Dave Shepherd June 20, 2004