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Hardcore finger fucking.
I totally finger blasted her snatch, she had fucking internal bleeding when I was done with her.
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
298 170
Using your fingers to pleasure a females vaginal region. Basically fucking a girl with your fingers.
Man, I was finger blasting this chick last night.
by Roz October 28, 2003
221 123
aggressive finger banging of a vagina.
I was finger blasting some girl in the middle of the party.
by Meat Drapes August 14, 2009
156 88
Act of finger "fucking" a woman
Laura got finger blasted last night and she loved it.
by Alison, Laura and Erin March 12, 2004
166 101
The act in which a male inserts two or more fingers as far as possible into a woman's vagina, then pumps the fingers back and forth vigorously until the female blasts her sweet poonani juice all over the landscape.

See also: Crimson Switch
Dave: How'd it go with Lisa last night?

Lurch: Great, I spent a hot minute fingerblasting that shit.

Dave: How was the cleanup?

Lurch: It was okay, mostly got on my face.
by know13dge June 02, 2010
64 10
the process of inserting your finger into a female. also known as finger banging or fingering
johnny was finger blasting his girlfriend.
by james October 29, 2003
96 65
To penitrate an orephous with ones fingers.
The gay guys on west hollywood blvd. were finger blasting eachother behind the dumpsters for coke.
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006
74 52