to insert your finger in a girl's vagina, causing her great pleasure. best used with the 'come here' motion of your finger.
yo mamma's such a slut she needs the whole arm to feel anything when she gets fingered.
by <My name here> September 22, 2003
to insert one or more fingers into either a girl's vagina or a guy's anus, both causing extreme sexual pleasure. when performed on a girl, the fingers are thrusted in and out of her vagina, most especially on the clitoris. when peformed on a guy, see "prostate massage," the fingers are inserted into his anus and are either thrusted in and out in a similar fashion or they are used to masage his insides, which can sometimes lead to an orgasm even if his penis isn't being stroked or sucked.
Boy 1: Stacy fingered my ass so good last night before she blew me that I could hardly walk today!
Boy 2: Yeah, I wish my girl would do that for me.
by tra49 September 20, 2008
Something on your hands that never seem to fing...
Oh wait, there they go.
by Jiub September 02, 2003
A part of the body that is about to be shoved up the reader's ass because he doesn't know what a fucking finger is.
The reader is so fucking dumb that he still needs an example for the word finger
by ur momz0rz October 08, 2006
Digits of the human hand that during courtship (with any luck) small lkie fish.
Knock-knock. "Who's there?" Wilma. "Wilma who?" Wilma finger do until I get my pants off.
by hoze October 25, 2004
Noun-A FAKE ginger; as in a person who dyes their hair & is not naturally red-headed.
Guy: OMG I love redheads!-Are you a natural ginger?
Girl: No, I just dye my hair.
Guy:Oh...I don't do fingers....I like my bitches without souls
(walks away)
by Strawberry Fields 757 February 24, 2011
to put as many fingers into a girls pussy for extreme pleasure
i totally fingered ur mom last night
no way
totally i used the whole F-ckin fist
f*ck you
by cumster April 06, 2006
Something that should not be shoved up your but.
I really did not want to shake his hand knowing where his fingers might have been.
by greatboy February 14, 2011

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