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means hustlin, flippin dollas counting money as you make money
me and slim we aint trippin were finger flippin and syrup sippin like do or die im cold pimpin --- still tippin by:mike jones, slim thug ( paul wall or chamillionaire ) 2 versions
by brad paul October 15, 2005

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dealing grinding hustlin money makin working
1.) When you don't give a fuck. Put up your middle finger and flip them to fuck off in sign language. That's finger flippin'.
2.) to flip is hustlin' and turning a profit. If you're hustle game is up, then start counting paper, while finger flippin'
1.) all haters out there, I'm finger flippin . I see you pussy ass haters and I still don't give a fuck, cause I stay fresh as a fuck.
2.) me and slim, we ain't trippin', we finger flippin'
by Phmns52 November 18, 2013