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1) Finger file is the mental retention of sexually stimulating material to recall while masturbating at a later time. 2) Finger file is the female equivalent of the spank bank for men.
Woman # 1 Did you see that new lifeguard at the beach today? I have never seen more ripped abs in my life.

Woman #2 Yea I'm going to put that in my finger file for later.
by the1realdarkman December 24, 2011
noun. 1. a lasting collection of mental images that females purposely retain for future masturbatory purposes. 2. female version of a "spank bank."

verb. placing a titillating image inside a mental folder for masturbation purposes
After viewing a teen vampire movie, Anna added the hunky lead actor to her finger files. She finger filed the beautiful actress for later as well.
by verbal intercourse January 19, 2012