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An awesome band from Burlington, Ontario formerly known as The Rainbow But Monkeys. Contrary to popular belief, they are not nu metal and their name has nothing to do with dicks. They have three albums out: Tip, The Greyest of Blue Skies, finger eleven, and they have some good songs such as Above, Drag You Down, Good Times, Absent Elements, etc.

The band consists of:

Scott Anderson-vocals
James Black-guitar
Rick Jackett-guitar
Sean Anderson-bass
Rich Beddoe-drums
Stupid Guy: finger eleven sucks!

Me: Why?

Stupid Guy: cuz One Thing is a crappy song.

Me: Is that the only song by them you've heard?

Stupid Guy: Yeah.

Me: That's why you think that way.

Stupid Guy: Oh.
by mista conspiracy June 23, 2005
Kickass band whose song 'Slow Chemical' was bastardized by the tech guys in WWE and used for a crappy guy with a mask.
Right now I'm listening to 'Slow Chemical' by Finger Eleven, which is a band that kicks much ass.
by AJAW July 18, 2004
insanely awesome band
did you guys see finger eleven with ozzy osbourne last night? man that was bitchin
by james black August 08, 2003
Most uber band ever. They pwn everyone and everything.
So we stay,
Until the ground that we can’t come down from,
Splits us away.
Maybe stars know why we fall,
I just wish they were thinking out loud,
Oh, I could wish all night.
-Thousand Mile Wish
by Sabishii211 April 28, 2004
Amazingly talented and...quite possibly the best band of all time!!
plus they're canadian :)!!
Finger Eleven is fucking AWESOME
by NIX_nicki September 20, 2003
The "eleventh finger" which a girl uses to masturbate with. Also known as, a dildo.
I'm gonna go give myself the ol finger eleven tonite
by useful idiot November 28, 2004
In addition to the ten fingers on the human hands, the eleventh "finger" is the appendage between a man's legs.
This morning, I accidentally jammed my finger eleven in a revolving door.
by Simeon Alacoque-Suscipperra December 29, 2004
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