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To insert ones fingers, (usually the index and middle) into a females vagina. Also known as finger banging, stinky pinky, and stinky finger.
Dude i toattly finger bombed julie at the movies last night when you were holding hands with her, and i was sitting next to you guys.
#stinky #fingerd #stinky pinky #finger bang #the shocker
by Kevin Ballatore March 19, 2008
close to a photobomb but instead a person is taking a picture and someone puts their middle finger up at the last second or someone reaches into frame with there middle finger.
Example 1-
person 1: lets take a picture
(everyone gathers around)
person 2: (finger bombs picture)
person 3: thanks, now we cant put this on facebook

Example 2-
person 1: lets take a picture
(everyone gathers around)
person 2: (reaches into frame and finger bombs picture)
person 3: now i cant show this to my mom
#middle finger #flip off #photobomb #dick move #joke
by 69arf January 03, 2010
When you go to take a picture and your finger gets in the way of the lens
Wow, great picture of the Eiffel Tower, what is that pink smudge in the corner?
Oh, I totally finger bombed it with my pinky.
#finger #photo bomb #picture bomb #finger photo #bad photo
by Ladykestrel May 02, 2014
When your finger is in an otherwise normal photo because you have your finger partially over the lens on a digital camera like an iPhone or some other smartphone with a camera built in.
I saw that photo of you and your husband on the Disney ride on Fartbook but the fingerbomb from your finger over the lens made me squirt milk out of my nose. Nice camera work!
#fingerbombed #fingerbombing #fingerbombs #photobombing #fingerbom
by Darirn Marshall September 27, 2011
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