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Kevin, a filipino rapper from New York. You can check out some of his songs at www.soundclick.com/tracksbyfinest
Finest.. intricate movement entertainment artist
by kevin June 21, 2004
finest, or "londons finest" to giv it its full name, describes a homes from london, who is matched by no other.
:ther goes andy
:braaaap finest!!!!!!!
by liam braap December 16, 2005
Tesco's own brand range of high quality products. The best line of their own brand food and homewares. Commonly shown as "Finest*". The quality is higher than that of Tesco standard or Tesco Value.
Friend: So what are we having for dinner tonight, Tesco Value Garlic Bread?

Me: No, of course not, I bought finest* just for you! And as for garlic bread, it's the future.
by Tom5640 April 18, 2007
gangsta Counter-Strike player
finest owns all the noobs in counter-strike
by jc February 01, 2004