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Though some misuse the term fine china to describe cocaine the original definition refers to heroin in its purest form. It is a white powder unlike "dirty" heroin which is brown or black. Fine china can be snorted.
Nah, I couldn't get any fine china. We got Black Tar Heroin though.
by valoem February 06, 2005
Clean heroine always white in color. As opposed to tar which is less pure and usually a lot more dangerous.
I need a brick of "fine china"
by Not in denmark August 05, 2006
This word can easily be mistaken for a female body part.
I think you should stop looking at my fine china.
I just washeed my fine china clean.
by LouHooy August 01, 2009
Fine china is a slang which means for some people hot or beautiful or prestigious. Something hard to find.

The name is based on the lable on almost every single item you purchase ( made in China) sometimes most of those can be cheap and ugly. So, as a complement people just say fine china
Boy: Daaayyuum, you see that Fine China. She fine do

Boy2: OH lord this baby, this fine china. Dat ass. Mmhhh...Get in there my boy.
by Dopetranslator April 21, 2016
finechina (n.) plural, finchinas, Australian (specifically, Sydney Lesbian slang)

1. Anatomy, Zoology: The passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals.

2. That which to homosexual men is akin to looking directly at the sun without a welders mask or similar.


Entering the Queer lexicon circa. 2010-2011, it is an extension of the common Cockney slang word for friend or mate, 'China Plate.'

However, when said within the context of it's native area, Dulwich Hill, finechina is only acceptable in speech when utter in a rapid, heady and aspitated manner by a woman.
"...see her? Bitch, I'd like to lick her finechina clean!"

by Whores Pores February 20, 2011
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