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Look up the word crips then look at the first picture by Effi
Daymn, take a look at those FINE ass bithces.
by b-sol March 28, 2005
31 20
A female that i so hot, you could wip your dick out right there, and pin her down, and fuck the hell out of her
"Damn that is one fine ass bitch!"
by blaze it up May 20, 2005
193 51
Girls who are really hot. The ones you walk behind goin' "damn she looks good."
8 Mile: They are in rap for the fine ass bitches
by Freakzilla May 09, 2003
70 27
A very attrictive looking female who has a nicely proportioned chest to ass ratio and is quite sexy.
Hey look at the fine ass bitch!

I would tap that fine ethiopian ass for sure son!
by Ghetto Boi May 08, 2009
66 35
A female that is so hot, you could whip your dick out right there, pin her down, and fuck the hell out of her. Also known as F.A.B.
That's one fine ass bitch!
by RyanG March 16, 2006
59 64