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The additional cost that is added on to the purchase of something, usually drugs. The charge of going and purchasing the product for another person
If you wanted to purchase a $50 bag of weed and didnt know where to get it, and someone else did they may add a $5 finders fee on to the cost of the bag. This would make the $50 bag actually cost $55.
by C-Money1 April 24, 2007
The amount of money you pay your dealer or friend, added to the price of your drugs/alcohol, in retribution for getting it to you.
Person 1: Yo, can you get me a quarter for $25?
Person 2: Sure, but I'll tag on a $5 finder's fee
by violaplayer994 August 16, 2010
A compensation made in return for scoring drugs for another person. Most often made with a small amount of the substance in question, may also be monetary.
I scored a gram for my homeboy, so he broke me off a dime for finder's fee.
by finny tinny ding November 25, 2011

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