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A game commonly played on Tumblr. All one needs to do is make a post about how some meat product is delicious or make a post about how vegans are overly sensitive and like magic someone will respond saying that not all vegans are smug assholes they just live a healthier lifestyle than you and you're a horrible person for eating meat.
How to play find the vegan

Non-Vegan: I like bacon

Vegan: How can you live with yourself knowing that you contributed to the MURDER of a poor defenseless pig?

Non-Vegan: Found the vegan


Non-Vegan: I hate it when my vegan aunt comes over for thanksgiving and complains about all of us eating turkey.

Vegan: Well not all vegans are like that but eating tofu is much healthier. You're aunt is a smart person and you should probably stop eating turkey if not for the health benefits but at least to stop the brutal senseless violence of poor, beautiful, innocent turkeys.

Non-Vegan: Found the vegan.
by Wiggles O'Hallahan February 27, 2014
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