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Not properly fitting in the filter into the coffee maker so that grains of coffee escape into the coffee pot and inevitably into your cup.
Christian: Hey bro I made some coffee.
Jon: Ahh shit, the filter is all messed up.
Jon: Bro, you just filter fucked the coffee!
by antiscian April 10, 2008
6 4
1. When one is so wasted that their filter (liver and kidneys) are in fact fucked. Persistent states of filter fucked can result in Keith Richards like bodily function or the lack thereof bearing the need for dialysis.

2. When you have embibed so much alcohol that you light the wrong end of your cigarette.

3. When the filter between your brain and your mouth fails to function.

1. I got so filter fucked last night I woke up yellow and my pee stunk like burnt coffee.

2. Filter fuck ME! Gimme another cigarette...

3. Sorry babe, didn't mean to say that Taylor Swift would be worth going to jail for, my filter's fucked.
by Mattyboyee June 28, 2008
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