1. a race that is asian, that do not usually classify themselves as asian, however, they are asian, just black.
2. an asian race that cannot use chopsticks
3. a race that think they are more superior than any other race, however this is untrue.
4. there are two kinds of philipinos, short stubbies and the tall hotties.
5. they pronounce there "R"s in the most annoying manner.
filo in a pho restaurant: can i have a fo(R)k please?
by skdjf;lkwjerlkajsdf September 26, 2006
A short term for Phillipino. These people think that they are better than everyone else coz they are part asian part latin. They talk alotta shit but when theres a fight or something, they're the first to run away.
Filo guy: "I'm a gangster"
(2 lebs come up)
Viet guy: "you better back me up dis time"
(Filo guy runs away)
(Viet guy skitz it n takes on both lebs)
by kbs August 18, 2006
A fat asian who, when he smiles, closes his eyes and has dimples.
Before you even consider of thinking that definition was racist let me just tell you that I am asian.
by RP December 31, 2004
The slang term "Filo" is generally used by philippinos that think they are really cool and better than everyone else just because they are Asian. A few years ago at my school there was this filo girl and she bullied me and make me breakdown and my self esteem was very low. Some filos are nice
A little about me:
waddup yo!
da èaìes Paulina!
-aka- Pauline,Lene,Paulin to tha A,Lina gurl,P'..
mah day|| June the pitto. btw HI KUYA PITTO!
BestPren ko Ian -aka- Yann, E to tha Yann,Yanny boi,E'..
we BeSTPReNZ Fo LiFe

My favourite things:
going to school dats rite t.mike& ol u ni**ers, SCHOOL lol jk
-talkin 2 me sis Mamille aka tummy,camille,cami,camz,ate camille,te mill,mc chicken mill..
-going to mamilles.. on -Mamille Day- aka Fridays..
ê³ñê³è ³ò wid da fiLo êÿåw-
a shout 2 mamillle te c8& a.charm luv u mah sistahs peace out A town,tito mike! kuya kyel,kuya p2,kuya pher,reg,E 2tha yann,ken,kit u guys roit?chelle,kat,jamz,jen
ol p2k gaze pilipinos
my FPS mayts miss ya'l
by Hannah April 17, 2005

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