They did not call marijuana film in the 70's, they call it that on the show because Leo (the "hippie friend") works at a camera store.
The guy above me is an idiot. Wanna go see a film?
by Keep it Fresh March 06, 2007
unusually cheap toilet paper like that found in public places
Yo, have a seat at the food court yard, I have to go develop some film.

by Lil Kev February 25, 2007
Film: A long length moving picture (around 1hr+)
Also slang for film made by the Americans is Movie

Pronounced by some places as: "Fillem"
That film A.I. was shite
by Kurt R December 03, 2004
what normal (ie ENGLISH) people call a moving picture. morons (ie AMERICANS) tend to say "movie"
JESSE- whaddup dawg, did you see that bad ass movie?
CHARLES- no, but i saw a rather smashing film
by innit February 25, 2007
what they called marijuana back in the 70's
"Your hippie friend also left 'film' for you if ya get what I mean." -That 70s Show
by nicole April 24, 2004
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