Usually ejaculant (cum/spunk/semen/whipped cream) usually used to fill up a female's crack
'I had a crack that needed mending so i called up my husband, using his filler, he mended the crack sooo good'
by Joeman May 28, 2005
(pant filler); a child that fills their pants; also used when refering to a bratty child under the age of five.
I had to babysit a total filler. It was horrible.
by charger December 12, 2007
When you go to a search box of a general website, and suddenly your mind goes blank of what you were going to do, so you fill the box in with a phrase such as "lol" or some other random crap that was on your mind so the search box doesn't feel lonely.
*Guy goes onto Urban Dictionary*
*Gets ready to type something but forgets*
*Uses a filler to make the search box not lonely*
by The Worlds Loneliest Man December 14, 2014
In fantasy football , a filler is the manager of a team who is really only there to make up the numbers.
A 2-9 team is a filler team in fantasy.
by Xerses.25 November 19, 2014

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