A racially ambiguous person
Guy: Are you Mexican?
Girl: No
Guy: Hawaiian?
Girl: No
Guy African American?
Girl: No
Guy: What are you?
Girl: Filipino
by apilipeenoh October 12, 2013
people that are of Spanish, Malay, and other Polynesian descent.
-how come she doesn't look very asian?
-because she's Filipino, they are mixed ethnically.
by Mestiza April 10, 2010
Filipino- from the Philipines

Has some of the greatest foods ever- Pansit, Lumpia...However you spell it.
My brother and I are half Philipino!
by Hollie_Babie December 14, 2004
Someone from, or having descended from someone, living in the Philippines, an island nation off the coast of mainland Asia in the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea.
Nonposers please identify yourself by providing the defintion for "kamusta ka", and please add if you're mistisa or not.
by Mistisa December 02, 2003
Contrary to American belief, Filipino people are actually very much like the other SE Asian countries. They have strong family values and suffer from political corruption and Muslims. However, Filipinos on UrbanDictionary are clearly susceptible to raging for some reason. Anyway, here are some reasons other countries have us figured wrong:

*When, persay, a Filipino student arrives in the U.S, he/she is immediately under the pressure of American society at school to be what they keep saying. Some Filipinos will go along with it and become "ghetto Asians." Others will fight it. Still, others may try to stay under the radar so they don't need to hear any more ignorance.

*They believe that just because we were an export colony of Spain, that were all a bunch of Mexicans. While it is true that about 2% are part Spanish, that leaves the rest to be Pacific Islander and Asian. Even so, it's not your race that determines your personality.

*Since America is the dominant power, what rumors flow out of there are considered superior (to a diminishing extent, however).

*In other Asian countries, they are similarly racist towards Filipinos and face discrimination, thus, get worse jobs than if they were of different descent.
If you wanted a real definition of Filipino, you should gone on Regular Dictionary.com
by NotMe11443611242639 February 03, 2013
The only thing worth mentioning about them in the world stage is how they have been fucked by the white race.

The only race that constantly proclaims they are part White/Chinese/Japanese or Korean.

They have not the great history of the Chinese and their Ascendance into the next Super Power tales to speak of nor have they the innovations of the Japanese and Koreans.

The only thing they have and are shamelessly proud is how they are the only "self proclaimed Asians" that are fluent in the language and religion of their master.

Pinoys love to boost about how well they speak English while the REAL Asians can't, they fail to see that the real Asians have had great histories and innovations to be proud of while the only thing the "Filipino" can be proud of is being good at their master's language and licking his boot.

They fail to understand that the real Asian's resistance to lick another race's boot any race for the matter is not a weakness but a strength backed by majestic histories and achievements, and in the time to come, by becoming the next super power while the Pinoy have nothing.

A Pinoy will fail to see how embarrassing she is by proclaiming how well she speaks the language of her master whom she will desperately try to marry.

She will also fail to see how pathetic she is to the world by posting forum threads begging people to accept that they don't look like a "Typical" Filipino.

A Filipino should show some dignity by accepting who they are.
Just a Filipino.
A "Typical Filipino" is easy to detect, they constantly post topics in Yahoo and Asian forums Created by and for the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans asking for approvals on the following topic:

That they have white blood in them, hence they are part white and beg people to agree.

That they are proud of themselves as a people because...erm...they should for the sake of it.

When trying to be white fails, they will desperately try to seek approval that they are Asians the likes of the three Great Asian Races.

The real Asian usually allows them to say whatever they want, talk is cheap and they know it, they also know that talk and useless loud displays are all the Filipinos are good at so the three races usually sympathize with their sorry existence and let them be.

Typical Filipino Forum Threads:
"Do I look Filipino ?"

"Do people like Filipinos ?"

"Why Filipinos are the Best"

"Why are Filipino so good at English ?" This is the most pathetic of them all.

"Filipino Pride !"
by Clint Holmes January 17, 2013
Filipinos are not just "another race". We are hardworking, honest, and proud to be alive and well. Our country may be small, but we still love and respect it. Who cares if we're short? Who cares if we're poor? We live everywhere in the world. We don't eat rice and work all day. We have vacation time! Some of us are ANNOYED and ANGERED by the stereotypes that Americans and other people make up about us. We try to be friendly and on good terms with people. But sometimes people just don't care...

In conclusion, a Filipino is an honest, kind, loyal, and friendly person. A Filipino is WHO I AM!!!
I AM A FILIPINO!!!!!!!!!!
by MichiganBoy222 July 25, 2012

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