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Filipinos are not just "another race". We are hardworking, honest, and proud to be alive and well. Our country may be small, but we still love and respect it. Who cares if we're short? Who cares if we're poor? We live everywhere in the world. We don't eat rice and work all day. We have vacation time! Some of us are ANNOYED and ANGERED by the stereotypes that Americans and other people make up about us. We try to be friendly and on good terms with people. But sometimes people just don't care...

In conclusion, a Filipino is an honest, kind, loyal, and friendly person. A Filipino is WHO I AM!!!
I AM A FILIPINO!!!!!!!!!!
by MichiganBoy222 July 25, 2012
Kick-ass asians that love kareoke more then anything in the world.

Enough said.
Filipinos are amazing.
by filipinokid October 22, 2011
Merger of the words Filipino & Jalapeño.

Generally used to describe a particularly attractive person from the Philippines.

Can also be used to describe a Filipino with a particularly short temper.
1.) Check out the Girl in the Yoga Pants. What a Filipiño!

2.) This Filipiño came at me with a Machete; apparently I was driving too slow.
by mikeaeli April 10, 2014
A racially ambiguous person
Guy: Are you Mexican?
Girl: No
Guy: Hawaiian?
Girl: No
Guy African American?
Girl: No
Guy: What are you?
Girl: Filipino
by apilipeenoh October 12, 2013
We're from the Philippines. :)

Dark hair, tan skin, short height, flat nose (mostly but it suits our looks, anyway), simply beautiful, and sexy! :D

Attitude, interests, etc.
*Ofcourse, I'll say Filipinos are really nice because I'm a filipino lol. But seriously, most of us really are. Sure, there are some who are not but every country has a good and not that good citizens, right?

*We've got a great sense of humor, I'll assure you. We love joking around and stuff even if its corny, we still laugh at it. We always laugh as if its our last day:)

*Filipinos love to have fun; specifically speaking, anything that includes food, music and a lot of friends. You have no idea how much we love eating! XD

*We value the people around us so much. We treat our friends as a family.

*About accent thingy, I dont know but I think we are really good at that. I mean, we can speak english well, most of us even fluently. We can even speak in other countries' accent; meaning, we dont sound so trying hard when speaking in other's language lol.

*Tagalog is our main language, but there are so much more in the Philippines. I honestly dont even know most of them because there's really a lot.

*Some Filipinos have the foreign faces, even if they are naturally born Filipino. Well, simply amazing :3 :D

*We are so nice but, dont. ever. seriously. mess. up. with. us. We are kinda mean, in case of emergency. :p

*And especially, we have a great faith in the Lord. We value it so much. :)
*A filipino went to his/her friend's house*

Filipino: Uyy! Anong meron dyan? (Yo, what do you have there? -- *talks about food hahaha*)

Actually, we are proud to be a really food lover! :) At least, we dont get so fat. :p
by @joisu_an October 11, 2013
Loosely, any person who is a citizen of or immigrant from the Philippines.

Filipinos are an intelligent hard working group of people who are better categorized as Pacific Islanders than Asians. Although the 7000+ islands comprising the filipines are closer to the area known as asia, the culture and people share little else with their asian neighbors.

Filipinos do not use chopsticks and the preferred method of eating is with the bare hands, Tagalog (as well as the 140 other languages native to the the area) are of polynesian origin and structure. Traditionally, dance, mythology and ritual tattoos were a part of the culture, in similar fashion to most other polynesian cultures.

During the Spanish invasion, the Spaniards continued their practice of killing anyone unwilling to convert to Catholocism (i.e the native American indians of Western America). A smart lot, most Filipinos converted rather than facing a painful death. However, much of the indigenous culture was sadly lost.

She doesn't really look asian - maybe she is Filipino.
by Wil the 4th March 28, 2006
This is another response to qiuwtp...

Filipinos are amazing people. My girlfriend is Filipino. They have ridiculously delicious food, even though alot of it is really unhealthy. Their language (Tagalog) is one of the more interesting Asian languages, and I am currently trying to learn it. They are good people with good morals. If Filipinos like you, they like you like family. Unconditional love and very caring. English with a Filipino accent is so cool to listen to. Filipinos are beautiful people, generally having dark hair, large foreheads that symbolize great intelligence and personality, very angular and refined features with high cheek bones. I have a Filipina aunt who is smart, funny, and very nice (traits shared by most Filipinos)
Lumpia and Pancit bihon are amazing Filipino foods.

Filipinos are kind and accepting.

Tagalog is a language that rivals my own native language of Greek.

Greeks love Filipinos, because both races are hella awesome
by Spartan +Athenian= Awesomeness April 15, 2009