1. a native or inhabitant of the Philippines.

Contrary to popular belief, Filipinos are not Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islanders is a strict term and refers exclusively to Oceania. People generally stereotype Asians being "East Asian", this in turn has made Filipino-Americans who do not fit the stereotype...to not want to be termed Asian.

However, the Philippines is part of ASEAN (Assoc. of SE Asian nations). They are not part of any of the Pacific Islander nations which, again, refers to Oceania.

a - what is a Filipino?
b - Someone from the Philippines?
c - Yes

a - what is Asian?
b - Someone from Asia?
c - Yes

a - what is Pacific Islander
b - A native or inhabitant of any of the Polynesian, Micronesian, or Melanesian islands of Oceania.
c - Yes

a - does that include the Philippines?
c - Have you checked the map lately? that island is considered part of SE Asia. Taiwan and Japan are also islands, that doesn't mean they are Pacific Islanders. Read a dictionary sometime.
by Jack Garcia November 27, 2007
Best people in the world. Why? no reasons. We just are.
I'm Filipino.
by bboybullet October 11, 2010
Immigration Pests.

Unable to handle themselves, they run their own country down right after the Spanish tried to civilize them.

Like Africa, once the white man left, it's another textbook example of Race/IQ to country prosperity statistic.

Known throughout the world to kiss the white man's shoe and projected in the future to lick their East Asian master's feet as well.

Marrying a White/East Asian man is the goal of a Pinoy women.

The first thought of any mainland Pinoy is to migrate out of the shithole they have created.

Pinoys have a huge false sense of pride, Filipino Pride, also known as the pride of nothingness, they like to talk about how they have contributed to the society they immigrate to that is doing perfectly well before taking pity on them and let them in.

Pinoys quickly forgot they were "escaping" from their shithole, and were not "asked" to be in their new immigrated country.
They have this false sense of entitlement that their host country simply cannot do without them because Pinoys run their own country so well.

No White/East Asian countries would roll out a red carpet for Pinoys, the host's undoing will be its own kindness to these Pest.

However, recognizing that these pest love to migrate to prosperous country, measuring the amount of Pinoy immigrate can be use as a tool to indicate the prosperity level of the host country until these Pest population takes root and run the host country down like how HIV kill its host slowly as it turns into AIDs.
Happy Filipinos:
I married a Chinese guy, I am going to have a good life :D

I love my white husband not because of race but because he is a good man (yeah right...)

I am so proud of my Filipino race and country that I can't wait to migrate out of it !

Filipino Pride! Fuck Yeah!

We are Smart Asians ! (Sorry to disappoint you Pinoy, the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans don't want to have anything to do with you, but of course, your false sense of pride will always be at your disposal)

The only race that goes about hanging the East Asian pride on themselves even though they are just pacific islanders, Pinoys set up Asian Irc, Asian Ring, Asian this and that and when you check it out, it's all Filipinos, how disappointing, not the real Asians...
by Millardo Pierce August 06, 2012
People who come from the Philippines (in Southeastern Asia), a nation greatly influenced by Spanish, American and Japanese cultures, to name a few. They speak Filipino as their national language as well as their native dialects, the most widespead of which are Tagalog and Bisaya.
Tangina! Ang daming nagkukunwaring Filipino sila! :p
by Mau June 15, 2006
A race of people hailing from the Southeast Asian islands known as the Philippines who, for lack of a properly funded military, intend to conquer the world by exporting all its nannies, maids, nurses, and other bottom-of-the-ladder laborers to indoctrinate and convert other inferior races into the glory and majesty that is the concept of a second serving of rice.

Lately, they are found all over the internet posting extremely butthurt comments and replies on blogs, videos, and articles that puts the Philippines and Filipinos - or any Filipino - in a negative context. More specifically, comedy sites like urbandictionary.com.
That sheikh's son's nanny is a Filipino. We can tell because of all the pork he says he doesn't eat.
by AllTheOtherNamesAreTaken March 09, 2015

Other behavioral traits of Filipinos include:
-Taking an elder's hand and saying 'mano po' as a sign of respect
-Washes their butt with water, unlike 'other' people who use toilet paper. Let's face it, using toilet paper is useless, your just wiping it, its still there, you will smell it and it will stain your underwear. But, if you use water (in a pail) and soap, it is washed off, instead of being smeared across your bottom.
-Cooking canned food instead of eating it out of the can. Meats are usually cooked in oil, others such as Sardines and Tuna are cooked with onion, garlic and other seasoning.
A: Ew, its canned Sardines.
Filipino: Are you going to eat it out of the can?
A: Yes.
Filipino: Why don't you add onion, garlic, soy sauce and vinegar and cook it for 10 minutes?
A: How clever.
by Ilikechocolateandvanilla July 26, 2010
Amazing race of people who mostly are confused whether they are Asian or Pacific Islander when they are really both. Some Filipinos especially Filipino Americans think they are black. But that's because they listen to too much Hip-Hop. not saying that listening to Hip-hop is bad for Filipinos but like San Miguel beer and other forms of alcohol it should be listened to with Pulutan.
Other Filipinos must speak Ilokano if they live in Hawaii and only in Hawaii must they speak Ilokano. In the mainland USA they can Speak in any Other Filipino language they wish. If

Civilian life is too hard for a Filipino they must join the Filipino

Mafia by enlisting in the US Navy, which is really the Filipino

Navy. To become a full fledge Member of the Filipino Mafia

you must be fluent in Tagalog. This is different than the

Ilokano Mafia,in which you must be fluent in Ilokano. To join the Pacquiao mafia I think U have to be fluent in Visayan as a pre-requisit. A true Visayan also has to own a Kris Sword, married Visaya couples will both be equal in skill with the Kris Sword. All younger generation Males are good at basketball or have repressed basketball skills that only shine through daily practice.
Last of all, Ilocanos are either Rich or extremely Kuripot.
Manny Pacquiao is the Greatest Boxer in the universe. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is an arrogant bastaard, a Fat Filipino Martial Artist who eats fish, rice , and pork on a daily basis could whup his @$$!
by F1MacbookPhone September 27, 2011

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