Best people in the world. Why? no reasons. We just are.
I'm Filipino.
by bboybullet October 11, 2010
1. a native or inhabitant of the Philippines.

Contrary to popular belief, Filipinos are not Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islanders is a strict term and refers exclusively to Oceania. People generally stereotype Asians being "East Asian", this in turn has made Filipino-Americans who do not fit the not want to be termed Asian.

However, the Philippines is part of ASEAN (Assoc. of SE Asian nations). They are not part of any of the Pacific Islander nations which, again, refers to Oceania.

a - what is a Filipino?
b - Someone from the Philippines?
c - Yes

a - what is Asian?
b - Someone from Asia?
c - Yes

a - what is Pacific Islander
b - A native or inhabitant of any of the Polynesian, Micronesian, or Melanesian islands of Oceania.
c - Yes

a - does that include the Philippines?
c - Have you checked the map lately? that island is considered part of SE Asia. Taiwan and Japan are also islands, that doesn't mean they are Pacific Islanders. Read a dictionary sometime.
by Jack Garcia November 27, 2007
A Filipino is a person who is native or linked to the Philippine Islands, located in South East Asia and around the West Pacific.

There is a big hype on what the Filipino Race is, Asian or Pacific Islander? Well, after searching the internet, looking at historical studies and talking about the issue (being Filipino myself), Filipino's are geographically located in South East Asia, Whilst the culture of the Philippines is very much similar to that of the Pacific Nations. For example, Parts of the Philippines practice traditional tattoing, the styles used and documented are very closely linked towards Pacific Islanders, If you are fluent in one of the 170+ Filipino Languages, they are very similar in structure and style to that of the Pacific Islands. More in Detail, the Filipino People are of Malay-Austronesian Descent, Austronesian people come from all over the Pacific, including the Philippine Islands, the race of Austronesians are widespread, from Native Hawaiians, to Somoans and New Zealand's Maori's, The Filipino People fall into the Category of 'Austronesian' as the race is linked into that Family through early settlers of the Austronesian race in the Philippine Islands. To settle this issue, the Filipino People are of Asian and Pacific Descent, through their Austronesian Ancestors. Whilst the Culture is a lot more Polynesian than Asian. The Philippine Islands are very complex when it comes to cultural and race issues, since the two issues are very diverse, The Philippines is a melting pot of the worlds cultures. Though, Traditionally, The Filipino People are of Asian and Polynesian Descent. Still their remains a large Spanish and Mexican Influence towards the race, there still remains a large number of latinasian people within the Philippines and internationally, The Filipino people are truly a very diverse Race, and are known to be one of the most diverse in Asia due to the multiple world powers that once colonised this Island Nation.
Filipino: Hey bro, Where all Filo
Samoan: Yeh bro, we all the same
Filipino: Austronesian
by TommyFlip September 27, 2007
People who come from the Philippines (in Southeastern Asia), a nation greatly influenced by Spanish, American and Japanese cultures, to name a few. They speak Filipino as their national language as well as their native dialects, the most widespead of which are Tagalog and Bisaya.
Tangina! Ang daming nagkukunwaring Filipino sila! :p
by Mau June 15, 2006

Other behavioral traits of Filipinos include:
-Taking an elder's hand and saying 'mano po' as a sign of respect
-Washes their butt with water, unlike 'other' people who use toilet paper. Let's face it, using toilet paper is useless, your just wiping it, its still there, you will smell it and it will stain your underwear. But, if you use water (in a pail) and soap, it is washed off, instead of being smeared across your bottom.
-Cooking canned food instead of eating it out of the can. Meats are usually cooked in oil, others such as Sardines and Tuna are cooked with onion, garlic and other seasoning.
A: Ew, its canned Sardines.
Filipino: Are you going to eat it out of the can?
A: Yes.
Filipino: Why don't you add onion, garlic, soy sauce and vinegar and cook it for 10 minutes?
A: How clever.
by Ilikechocolateandvanilla July 26, 2010
Someone from the Phillippines. Filipinos born on American soil are considered 'Fil-Ams'.

Male: Filipino
Female: Filipina
Boy: I am Filipino!

Girl: I am Filipina!

Both: We're Filipinos!!
by [J-Twon] July 10, 2008
The only thing worth mentioning about them in the world stage is how they have been fucked by the white race.

The only race that constantly proclaims they are part White/Chinese/Japanese or Korean.

They have not the great history of the Chinese and their Ascendance into the next Super Power tales to speak of nor have they the innovations of the Japanese and Koreans.

The only thing they have and are shamelessly proud is how they are the only "self proclaimed Asians" that are fluent in the language and religion of their master.

Pinoys love to boost about how well they speak English while the REAL Asians can't, they fail to see that the real Asians have had great histories and innovations to be proud of while the only thing the "Filipino" can be proud of is being good at their master's language and licking his boot.

They fail to understand that the real Asian's resistance to lick another race's boot any race for the matter is not a weakness but a strength backed by majestic histories and achievements, and in the time to come, by becoming the next super power while the Pinoy have nothing.

A Pinoy will fail to see how embarrassing she is by proclaiming how well she speaks the language of her master whom she will desperately try to marry.

She will also fail to see how pathetic she is to the world by posting forum threads begging people to accept that they don't look like a "Typical" Filipino.

A Filipino should show some dignity by accepting who they are.
Just a Filipino.
A "Typical Filipino" is easy to detect, they constantly post topics in Yahoo and Asian forums Created by and for the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans asking for approvals on the following topic:

That they have white blood in them, hence they are part white and beg people to agree.

That they are proud of themselves as a people because...erm...they should for the sake of it.

When trying to be white fails, they will desperately try to seek approval that they are Asians the likes of the three Great Asian Races.

The real Asian usually allows them to say whatever they want, talk is cheap and they know it, they also know that talk and useless loud displays are all the Filipinos are good at so the three races usually sympathize with their sorry existence and let them be.

Typical Filipino Forum Threads:
"Do I look Filipino ?"

"Do people like Filipinos ?"

"Why Filipinos are the Best"

"Why are Filipino so good at English ?" This is the most pathetic of them all.

"Filipino Pride !"
by Clint Holmes January 17, 2013

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