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A person who devrives from any of the more than 7,000 Islands of the Philipines.
Cultute - Culture is varied ranging from regions or by people from chinese descent to spanish to Malaysian (in native Philippines)
Philippine Holidays - Also range from region to region from Rizal Day, Manila Day, Ati-Atihan, ect.
Language - Once again varied because of the rich culture from tagalog, visyan, illocos, ect.
Common Words:
Kumusta ka/po - How are you.(formal/informal)
Sino - Who
Mistiso - Person of mixed origin
bahay - home
buhay - life
Gusto ko - I like/want
sapatos - shoes
tsinelas - sandals
"Your a filipino"
People originating from the Philippines. Filipinos are Asian.

Although there are many poor people in the Philippines, some who are poor wouldn't look poor because of:
-trendy clothes
-Advanced cell phones
-Trendy Asian hair

Filipinos in the States and Canada are usually rich with parents who work in the oil industry, accounting, a medical field and real estate.

Most Filipinos of the younger generations aspire to be:

Many Filipino children either know how to:
-play the guitar
-play basketball

Filipinos are very family oriented and are a very happy people because lets face it, whats the point of being sad?

Filipinos are mostly of Malay heritage, but most of them live in the Rural areas of the Philippines. Many Filipinos in Urban areas (and in Canada and the States) have Chinese and Spanish ancestry (forming the middle-upper class of the Philippines)

Common traits of Filipinos:
-Love to sing
-Love to eat

-Love to dance
-Love to laugh
A: What's that?
Filipino: A pail.
A: What for?
Filipino: To clean the poop off your butt instead of smearing it all over your bottom.
A: How clever.
by Ilikechocolateandvanilla July 26, 2010
Filipinos are a generally very friendly and hospitable people who are also sometimes misunderstood.

Sure, they have hardships, and they may be a third world country, but why hate on them for that? It is not like they wanted their nation to be this way........

If only you get to know them and maybe even sympathize with what they go through, you may realize that they are a very nice people who are always willing to support and care for you.

(I live close to many Filipinos, all of whom are very close friend to me, I see so many hate posts about them these days though...its just sad)
Man, I am so glad for those Filipino doctors. They are always willing to stay and care to the patients while everyone else is already going home.

I dont know why some people show racism to the Filipinos. Most of them are really fun-loving and so very hospitable.

The Filipinos held this big cultural celebration the other day, and they just invited us, even if we were'nt Filipino. We were able to get a lot of good food and they really treated us like family.

I saw that picture of a Filipino family, the one where they were standing in front of a crowded house in the sweltering heat. I just felt such sympathy. I don't know why people could be so heartless to still hate on them when the evidence of their hardships are everywhere.

Just please stop the hatred.
by 1ndifferent February 22, 2011
first off, I'm Filipino...

> hard working people
> weird soap operas
> delicious food but VERY fattening
> corrupt government (c'mon. we all know it)
> are ASIANS!! not "pacific islanders" of whatever.
> most of us are very religious (but some are not *guilty*)
> VERY family-oriented
> proud of our homeland
> influenced (colonized) by Spaniards, Japanese, and Americans
> most of us have relatives that want to (if not already) work in a different country
> most are nurses/nannies/maids (we all know it)
> some of us aren't the stereotypical type (*also guilty*)

oh, and..

> we don't say "homie" or other things like that. Actually, hardly any of us say that. (ok, well. Some MIGHT *hehe*)
I don't really care what fuckin race I am, Filipino or otherwise, I'm just.. me =)
by ParadiseGehenna May 20, 2009
An awesome human being who shares a culture that is both similar to the Spaniards who colonized them and the east asians such as chinese, korean...etc with whom they share a continent. Filipinos are usually warm-hearted, talkative and family-oriented. Among other arts, they've developed a very cool martial art called eskrima.

American pinoys are one of the smaller minorities. Filipinos in america may adapt completely to the american lifestyle, but keep some traditions and continue to make dishes such as chicken adobo for their american-born kids.

It is not unusual for Filipinos to work in the medical field as doctors, nurses and pharmacists (probably because they are as intelligent as they are caring). It's also not unusual for filipinos to be skilled in boxing, street fighting and various east asian martial arts and easily whoop your @$$. This is why you do not often hear people insulting them (at least not to their face).

Similar to spanish people, they do enjoy large parties (often family mixed with friends) with delicious, meaty foods. They are loads of fun to be around and usually have tons of friends.

Filipinos are generally proud of their heritage and, as a minority group, have a strong sense of camaraderie with other pinoys.

Guy 1: My nurse is so beautiful
Guy 2: That's because she's filipino
Guy 1: Ohhh no wonder

David: Who is that brolic dude submitting every guy in the gym?
Cameron: That's Phillipe Nover, "the Filipino Assassin"
by sparkface April 23, 2009
People and National language of the Republic of the Philippines.

Geographically the Philippines is in Asia. Racially however, the Filipino people/languages are Malayo-Polynesian. - Or more precisely Western Malayo-Polynesian which in turn is part of a much larger group: Austronesian... a diverse group which includes Malaysians, Indonesians, North Borneans, Aboriginal Taiwanese tribes, Aboriginal tribes from Madagascar and yes... the Oceanic branch of Austronesians: The Pacific Isanders including Tahitians, Hawaiians, Samoans, Easter Islanders etc.
The Filipino national language is based on Tagalog: the lingua franca of the Manila area. The Philippine archipelago has over 7,000 Islands with more than 140 native languages spoken throughout. Distantly related to the Pacific Island (Oceanic) languages, one can easily trace the roots by recognizing Austronesian cognates common throughout the Pacific Islands. Words such as "mata" (eye), "fitu/pito" (number eight), "manu/manok" (bird/chicken)_ essentially the same words in Tagalog and many of the Pacific Island languages.
- Other hallmarks of Austronesian languages include verb-stem reduplication, CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) word structures, inclusional/exclusional forms for the pronoun "we" etc.
by Aec August 25, 2003
A Filipino is a nationality. A nationality consisting of the different ethnicities of Philippines. Many of these ethnicities (a strong 95%-97%)trace their roots to the Austronesian people who immigrated out of Southern China into Taiwan as the Northern Mandarin ethnicity became the dominant culture of China.

The Austronesian people travelled well through out the Malay Archipelago (Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea) and many who have settled through out began migrating back-and-forth within the region and also back to mainland Asia. The varied migrations between the Malay Archepelago and the mainland created very ethnically mixed cultures through out the region (And this is before the Europeans came) which is why Filipinos and other "Malays" don't have a consistant racial appearance as opposed to the Chinese and those who are Pacific Islanders(who are in fact of the same blood but not mixed)

The Defining point between Pacific Islanders and Filipinos comes to the fact that once the Austronesian people reached Polynesia they lost all ties to Mainland Asia, unlike the cultures of the Malay Archipelago who would eventually intermix with many of the people of Southern China and Indo-China. Both of these cultures technically are Asian, but the ethnicities are divided by cultural connections with the mainland.

When it comes to the hispanicization of the Philippines, one has to realize that only a small minority of Filipinos actually have Spanish Blood. A Stanford Study has shown only 3% of Filipinos are actually mixed with either Chinese and/or Spanish blood. Much like African Slaves in Colonial America, who received "Christian" Anglo-Saxon/Scots Irish/Irish Protestant names. Filipinos Recieved "Christian" Spanish names and prayed to a white Jesus much like every one else in the world who fell victim to colonialism.

The Colonial Mentality is very much apparent in the Filipino culture, where many will lie about the background claiming their Spanish roots when in fact they probably bleached their skin and got plastic surgery on their nose. The Filipino Media adds on to the stigma against being brown by inundating the T.V. Screen and billboards of the city with White Meztiso Images.
"They say we beat the European Imperialist and yet all you see are white faces on the T.V. Screen."
^something to think about for all my Filipino brothers and sisters.
by Mad FX November 10, 2007