The people of the Philippines

Filipinos are often unfairly stereotyped.

Filipinos are NOT Mexicans of the East. We are as different as watermelon and oranges.

The median income of Filipinos in the States (check the U.S. census bureau for supporting info) is higher than that of white, blacks, latinos and even Chinese-Americans & Korean-Americans.

The AIDS rate in the Philippines is noticeably lower than that of Japan, China and America.

Filipinos have many amazing, more than worthwhile accomplishments

The Phil national hero Jose Rizal travelled to Japan, Austria, Germany and San Francisco. There are busts & monuments dedicated to the cities/towns he visited. In Wilhelmsfeld Germany, there is a street named "José-Rizal-Straße" (Jose Rizal Street). It is named after him.

Currently, Manny Pacquiao, Donito Donaire, Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda are raising the bar of Filipino pride.

Other successes include fashion designer Monique Lhuillier and singer Lea Salonga ~

However, there are Filipinos who also made contributions in math & science. Google search, Filipino mathematicians or Filipino inventors!

Filipinos are a people of many talents and memorable positive characteristics.

They are part of what makes this world, amazing.
If u want an example of how hardcore an individual of Filipino heritage can be, read about the U.S. army scout sniper Ramon Subejano.
by Tsinoy June 16, 2011
South-east Asian folk of mixed Asian, Polynesian, aboriginal origin mixed to make the people of the Philippines. They are known for having women with tight pussies, men with tiny dicks and possess an overall egotistical view that the world revolves around their relatively tsunami torn country. On Christmas it is common to find a Filipino family breaking into your house and trying to steal your dog so that they may have a Christmas dinner.
Mr Thomas: Honey what are those flips doing in our home
Mrs Thomas: John you better go grab the gun, the Filipino neighbours are trying to steal the dog for their Christmas dinner.
by theanswer2.0 October 03, 2010
Filipinos are usually mistaken for Laos, hmong, black or mexican. They are dark with natural bags under theyre eyes, they ARENT tired. Filipinos are good at everything ! Which consists of breakdancing, singing, and drawing. Some carry backpacks or gymsacks around with a pair of sneakers for no good reason. SOME brag about how "ballin" they are and how hot they are when some arent near that. They usually get along with theyre own people and exclude you iif you arent one of them ( some let vietnamese, laos, etc in. SOME! ) Most wear contacts , even the guys. Both guys and girls can be cocky and are "ALWAYS" right. you can usually find nice filipinos. Filipinos can be found in the mall and downtown. Filipinos from white schools are whitewashed ( sometimes ) . Guys usually wear Loose hats, high dunks, backpack, big belt buckles and have faux hawks or lines. Girls usually wear converse, baggy sweats, skinny jeans, white tee, etc and have the occasional blond streaks or whole caramel colored head. They eat crap loads of fatty food ( thats why theyre isnt any older skinny ones left) but are delicious. Most are fit and have goodshape bodies when young. Filipinos love to rock the Gucci waistpouch here and there. Theyre are the lying filipinos you CANNOT trust and are crazy liars with exaggerated lives. Most show theyre love for God with there religion on Facebook saying " I <3 GOD " and have picture with a cross necklace or bracelet. Do not mess with theyre religion, they take it SERIOUSLY. They are "asian mexicans" or so they say...
Example 1 : Didja see that filipino?! Dayyum shes a crazy breaker

Example 2 : Mmmhmm wow those filipinos are bitchazz !

Example 3 :
Ashley: Is your boyfriend mexican?!
Jane: NOOO hes filipino. Ugh.
Ashley: oh.. Nice ?!

Example 4 :
Melissa: I love god so much!
Clair: Your such filipino!

by babyasian April 17, 2009
wannabe mayates/niggerz
thinkin they all hard
ey foo whos that wannabe mayate?
naw homie hes jus a filipino fagget
fuck that leva bitch chinito
by Jos3 March 24, 2008
inhabitant from the Phillipines
1.) think they know everything "filipin-know" filipino

2.) think they are the best hottest Asians

3.) Guys are cheap as shit

4.) Girls are scanky Catholicas

5.) sounds like slurping when talking

6.) 90% are nurses/nannies (ooooweee) NOT.
by YurSistaIzafathoehohoe September 17, 2008
1) A Tagalog.

2) The Tagalog language.

3) The Tagalog national identity of the Philipines.

4) A Spanish colonization word for people from the Philipines, not a word of indigenous origin.
A: What is he?

B: He's Filipino.

A: I thought he was Tagalog.

B: Same thing. There is no difference between the two.
by It's not mean if it's true November 28, 2007
A Filipino is what you can when you mix a Spanish person with an Asian person.
My girlfriend is Filipino.
by refuze May 16, 2005
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