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The people of the Philippines

Filipinos are often unfairly stereotyped.

Filipinos are NOT Mexicans of the East. We are as different as watermelon and oranges.

The median income of Filipinos in the States (check the U.S. census bureau for supporting info) is higher than that of white, blacks, latinos and even Chinese-Americans & Korean-Americans.

The AIDS rate in the Philippines is noticeably lower than that of Japan, China and America.

Filipinos have many amazing, more than worthwhile accomplishments

The Phil national hero Jose Rizal travelled to Japan, Austria, Germany and San Francisco. There are busts & monuments dedicated to the cities/towns he visited. In Wilhelmsfeld Germany, there is a street named "José-Rizal-Straße" (Jose Rizal Street). It is named after him.

Currently, Manny Pacquiao, Donito Donaire, Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda are raising the bar of Filipino pride.

Other successes include fashion designer Monique Lhuillier and singer Lea Salonga ~

However, there are Filipinos who also made contributions in math & science. Google search, Filipino mathematicians or Filipino inventors!

Filipinos are a people of many talents and memorable positive characteristics.

They are part of what makes this world, amazing.
If u want an example of how hardcore an individual of Filipino heritage can be, read about the U.S. army scout sniper Ramon Subejano.
by Tsinoy June 16, 2011
wannabe mayates/niggerz
thinkin they all hard
ey foo whos that wannabe mayate?
naw homie hes jus a filipino fagget
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by Jos3 March 24, 2008
inhabitant from the Phillipines
1.) think they know everything "filipin-know" filipino

2.) think they are the best hottest Asians

3.) Guys are cheap as shit

4.) Girls are scanky Catholicas

5.) sounds like slurping when talking

6.) 90% are nurses/nannies (ooooweee) NOT.
by YurSistaIzafathoehohoe September 17, 2008
The Mexicans of The East. They look more Mexican than Asian. They are lazy like Mexicans. They sound like Mexicans when they talk. Their country is rife with corruption like Mexico. Their food gives you diarrhea like Mexican food. The women dress like little hoochie Mexican putas. Filipinos are Mexican
Filipinos, Mexicans, what's the difference?
by aquatraveller July 29, 2009
1) A Tagalog.

2) The Tagalog language.

3) The Tagalog national identity of the Philipines.

4) A Spanish colonization word for people from the Philipines, not a word of indigenous origin.
A: What is he?

B: He's Filipino.

A: I thought he was Tagalog.

B: Same thing. There is no difference between the two.
by It's not mean if it's true November 28, 2007
A Filipino is what you can when you mix a Spanish person with an Asian person.
My girlfriend is Filipino.
by refuze May 16, 2005
1. A Tagalog colonial master of the Phillipines.

2. Any non-Tagalog individual of the Phillipines who has subordinated him/herself to Tagalogs and embraced the Tagalog national identity (Filipino) as his/her own.

Ilocanos, Bisayans (Visayans), and Pampangos, amongst other indigenous and non-indigenous ethnic groups from the Phillipines, sacrificed their own ethnic identities when they chose to be a part of the Tagalogs' Filipino national movement.
Since your ancestors are Bisayan (Visayan) are you Bisayan (Visayan) also?

No, I am no longer Bisayan (Visayan). I am now part of the Tagalog Empire, I am Filipino (Tagalog).

What about the Ilocanos, Pampangos, and the other ethnic groups in the Phillipines?

We are all part of the Tagalog Empire, we are all Filipino (Tagalog). We all speak Filipino (Tagalog).
by It's not mean if it's true February 06, 2008