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1. A race that is asian by geography, but has little in common with other asian nations. A hard working, industrious, and very strong family oriented people, but notoriously useless at organizing anything beyond chaos as a nation of people.

2. An exceptional breed of gardener indigenous to a Southeast Asian island chain called the Philippines. A natural born weed whacker.
1. Filipinos are fickle lot. Hard working, yet never accomplishing anything worthwhile as a people.

2. If they had a weed whacking event in the olympics the Philippines would win gold every time.
by Freddy Putembayang August 04, 2005
Ok, The Philippines is populated by Austronesian people. Austronesia means, "the southern islands." This is the name of our language family as well as our ancient culture and racial stock. For those of you that feel we are ASIAN, in part we are. The Chinese have been coming around since about 1000 AD. They have mixed with us over the years. During the 13th century trade increased with mainland Asia and for a while it became popular and a sign of status to marry a foreign wife among the nobility.

For those of you that feel we are PACIFIC ISLANDERS, the answer to that question is YES. Our native languages are closely related to Indonesian, Microneisan and Polynesian as well as the natives of Taiwan who were there before the Chinese. Like us and other PACIFIC ISLANDERS, they tattooed, have similar mythologies, practiced head-hunting, built canoes etc. So are Filipinos ASIANS or PACIFIC ISLANDERS? The answer is BOTH. Check out: for info on our ancient tattooing.

This writing style is not indigenous to the Philippines. It was introduced by Indic-Malay traders about the 12th century. This is why words like "langit" are spelled "la-ngi" without the final "T." Hard consenants in Alibata were not used until the Spanish created the "x" or "+" marks to indicate a vowel closing consenant. This also explains why ALIBATA was not used to record histories etc. because it was not native. We passed on our geneologies and history orally like other ancient Austronesian groups. Alibata has been adopted into our culture like so many things in our past.
If you want to do a simple test to see if you are Pacific Islander, go to another Pacific Islander and ask them if "mata" means "eye" in their language too. Chances are that their word will be the same or very similar. Samoan, Tongan and Tahitian say "mata." Hawaiian is "maka." Chamorro is "ata."
by ~L April 22, 2005
The act of an ethnic male squatting & sharting in the face of his desired mate. When the bittie stands up, she too will resemble a Filipino!
The fair-skinned blonde looked identical to the dirty Native Asian Ilander after taking a hot and juicy Filipino!
Ali, a Caucasian girl with blonde locks, took a nasty Filipino and then looked no different than her Filipino toy, Quinn.
by Alison Quinn November 03, 2011
A native of the Philippines, so called in honour of Spanish king Philip II. Filipinos are notorious for being the only Hispanics in Asia. Family-oriented people, they are fond of fiestas, church-going and commercial centers. They speak Malay languages mixed with an awful lot of Spanish words. They like dancing Iberian dances, as the jota, and eat lechón, mechado, arroz caldo, pan de sal and many more Spanish delicacies. Filipinos shock their Spanish brethren from Spain and America for not being able to speak Spanish.Instead, they try to converse with them in broken English, a language that most Hispanics totally ignore. Filipinos have Spanish names and surnames, although many of them seem to ignore that fact. They are fond of Spanish diminutives to call themselves, as Lito, Pilita, Solita, Conchín, Tato, Manín, Cory, Luli, and many more. Although the Philippines enjoyed a wonderful architectural Spanish heritage, everything was destroyed by the Americans, so now they have nothing.
A los filipinos les encanta merendar
Filipinos are very fond of picnicking.

by fonsucu September 12, 2008
Filipinos are descendants of the Philippine Islands, an area in the Asian continent. However, Filipinos have little in common with other Asians such as the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Filipinos are Pacific Islanders. They have more in common with the people of the neighboring islands of Samoa, Guam, and Hawaii.
Are Filipinos considered Asian or Pacific Islanders?

They're Pacific Islanders. They have more in common with Samoans, Guamanians, and Hawaiians than they do with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean people.
by spreadingtruth February 26, 2010
1) people coming from, were born in, or are citizens of, the Philippines
general characteristics are:
-flat noses
-brown skin
-black/dark brown hair
-around 4-6 feet in height
-hard workers
-a love for foreign brands (a.k.a colonial mentality)
-strong feeling of camaraderie (a.k.a bayanihan)
-if they call themselves "PINOY", it means they are filipino.
-over-dramatic acting
-weird soap operas
-versions of popular foreign tv shows are often popularized.
(ex. Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader (kakasa ka ba sa grade 5?), Survivor, Don't Forget The Lyrics (the singing bee, k!), Jeopardy (Game K N B?))
-good at cooking
-has relatives aspiring to work abroad

2) the OFFICIAL language of the Philippines,
(the filipino word for the language=pilipino, and the nationality=filipino)
that uses an alphabet comprising of originally 20 letters,
but 8 'hiram na letra' or 'borrowed letters' have been
added, namely, C, F, J, ñ, Q, V, and X.

3) for us sadly bored students of the Philippines, it is also a subject, feared and almost as hated as Math. ;_; a small percent of us actually fail at it.

Pinoy- filipino person/s

OFW- Overseas Filipino Workers

People Power- the nick for the first ever peaceful revolution

GMA- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, president (as of 2008), corrupt, and generally hated

Manny Pacquiao- boxing champion

jeep/dyip/jeepneys- a sort of popular public transport (google it)

Taglish- a mix of english and tagalog, often spoken by EVERYONE in the Philippines.

filipino girl- "Mama, punta lang ako sa mall, ha? I'll be back mamaya-maya."

(Mom, i'm just going to the mall, ok? I'll be back later.)

by animeragon September 16, 2008
The only thing worth mentioning about them in the world stage is how they have been fucked by the white race.

The only race that constantly proclaims they are part White/Chinese/Japanese or Korean.

They have not the great history of the Chinese and their Ascendance into the next Super Power tales to speak of nor have they the innovations of the Japanese and Koreans.

The only thing they have and are shamelessly proud is how they are the only "self proclaimed Asians" that are fluent in the language and religion of their master.

Pinoys love to boost about how well they speak English while the REAL Asians can't, they fail to see that the real Asians have had great histories and innovations to be proud of while the only thing the "Filipino" can be proud of is being good at their master's language and licking his boot.

They fail to understand that the real Asian's resistance to lick another race's boot any race for the matter is not a weakness but a strength backed by majestic histories and achievements, and in the time to come, by becoming the next super power while the Pinoy have nothing.

A Pinoy will fail to see how embarrassing she is by proclaiming how well she speaks the language of her master whom she will desperately try to marry.

She will also fail to see how pathetic she is to the world by posting forum threads begging people to accept that they don't look like a "Typical" Filipino.

A Filipino should show some dignity by accepting who they are.
Just a Filipino.
A "Typical Filipino" is easy to detect, they constantly post topics in Yahoo and Asian forums Created by and for the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans asking for approvals on the following topic:

That they have white blood in them, hence they are part white and beg people to agree.

That they are proud of themselves as a people because...erm...they should for the sake of it.

When trying to be white fails, they will desperately try to seek approval that they are Asians the likes of the three Great Asian Races.

The real Asian usually allows them to say whatever they want, talk is cheap and they know it, they also know that talk and useless loud displays are all the Filipinos are good at so the three races usually sympathize with their sorry existence and let them be.

Typical Filipino Forum Threads:
"Do I look Filipino ?"

"Do people like Filipinos ?"

"Why Filipinos are the Best"

"Why are Filipino so good at English ?" This is the most pathetic of them all.

"Filipino Pride !"
by Clint Holmes January 17, 2013
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