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1. A race that is asian by geography, but has little in common with other asian nations. A hard working, industrious, and very strong family oriented people, but notoriously useless at organizing anything beyond chaos as a nation of people.

2. An exceptional breed of gardener indigenous to a Southeast Asian island chain called the Philippines. A natural born weed whacker.
1. Filipinos are fickle lot. Hard working, yet never accomplishing anything worthwhile as a people.

2. If they had a weed whacking event in the olympics the Philippines would win gold every time.
by Freddy Putembayang August 04, 2005
A bunch of people that quarrel over petty things such as TV Networks.
Filipinos always think that ABS-CBN is better than GMA, or vice-versa. Either way, it's pointless and stupid to argue about stuff like that. Both stations suck, anyway.
by papasmith June 02, 2010
A type of Asian group. They can go as Asians or Pacfic Islanders. In America, Filipinos can be seen usually as a follower of african-american culture or a prep. The prep instance happens more often. The stereotype that they are wealthy is false. They are just budget-conscious and they get their nice clothes (filipinos love Lacoste with a passion) cheap. Although they may be wealthy, they are very humble people, just not really by appearance. (You see a woman with a Dooney & Bourke purse and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.) Overall, they are a hard-working people who tend to be successful in life.
Wow, you must be Filipino. Look at your flat nose, and brand-name clothing! TALAGA!
by Jon-jon October 08, 2005
An asian type sort of people. Most consider themselves to be more of the HISPANIC ethnicity (because of the huge similarities in surnames) or their OWN kind of race.
A majority (Est:98%) of Filipino people are born and raised Catholic so DO NOT I repeat DO NOT ask them to engage or participate in any sort of misconduct. They are usually honest hard working folks who try to stay away from bad people and situations.
Famously known for their year round always sweet riped mangos and tagalog dialect, they are just about the most loveliest wonderful kind of people.
Mixed Asian: hi where u from?

Filipino: I am FILIPINO! I come from de Philllipinnnes! Gada Sada Mada Hada!!!

Mixed Asian: ok already take it easy nobody is going to take away your mangos.
by M@d@mFcukaLot August 19, 2008
Typically a well meaning, newly immigrating Registered Nurse, or a Pinay RN who has been here for 20 years yet is still skilled with broken & second-rate english, proudly pluralizing every noun in their comprehensive vocabulary such as "paperworks",
"informations", &
"da poods"(the food).
Filipino Nurse: Ate Lu Lu, I hab (have) eh na dar (another) ad mish shon (admission) and lots ub PAPERWORKS to pi neesh (finish), who deed you say needed dee pain medee cay shuns? (medication)
any one person who likes rice and goes crazy if there is no rice available.
Man! You seen him?! He just went filipino because we have no rice!!!
by Nick February 10, 2005
1) Generally pretty cool people
2) Have been called "Asian" or "Pacific Islander"
2) Unfortunately, some are racists, and think every brown person is a filipino...some tend to hate you just because you aren't one of them
3) Tend to be very smart
4) Want to have light skin, and even have skin whitening soaps
5) Many invaded Guam and completely disrespect the culture
"What? You're filipino and you don't even speak the language?"
"Um...I'm from somewhere else..."
A Filipino is a person that can easily be mistaken as a hispanic. They are from asia in a group of islands called the Phillippines. They can be, and are ussually called an "oriental asian" or a "pacific islander".

Most Filipino's have a darker skin tone, flat nose, have a mustache, and smart. They love their rice and eat rice with every meal. Most Filipino's are short, and the Filipino parents are very strict and yell alot. They have wierd last names. Most Filipino's are also religous. They are ussualy Christian. Alot of Filipino's try to act gangster while the rest just dont fall under a stereotype.

Filipino's in america are strongly bonded together. They help each other out and are very friendly to each other. They are ussually part of the middle class. While Filipino's in the Phillippines are either poor or rich. They are still friendly to each other and help one another but the goverment is corrupt and the economy is horrible.
White Guy: Are you mexican?
Pinoy: no, im F#%$ing Filipino.
White Guy: oh.....

Im Filipino ;D
by Tolentino October 08, 2006

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