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Fan Id Like To Fuck

Invented by Hollywood Adam From the superior podcast Nobody Likes Onions, this term was made to describe good looking female fans of the show. A shameless rip of of MILF, (Mom Id Like to Fuck) this term is used on a regular basis amongst the fans and presenters of the show.
"woah dude, all these fans awesome!... woah look at her now THATS a FILF!"
by Switchmeister October 05, 2005
father id like to fuck
ur dads a filf
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
"Father I'd Like (to) Fuck” An extremely handsome/sexy dad with a nice butt and a big pant bulge.
Damn girl did you see Tommy’s dad, I don’t care if that man does have grey balls he is still a FILF

“Ummmm like OMG I don’t think that’s gunna fit”
by evrready February 25, 2006
The masculine version of a milf. A physically desireable male who has children.
That is a hot father, he's a real filf. I'd like to do him!
by Dodger January 27, 2006
"father I'd like to f*ck";
Term of endearmemt used by gay men and straight women towards older adult males they find sexually attractive;
A category used in the gay porn industry.
"Damn, Eric Estrada is one hot brown F.I.L.F.!"
by rtis130 June 12, 2007
(Fatty I'd Like (to) Fuck

A Very attractive overweight women extremely confident dresses pretty nice. F.I.L.F's are usually only 20-40 pounds overweight there in the chubby category.Most guys will admit freely without being embarrassed they got laid by a F.I.L.F.
Chris:Dang have you seen Brianna she a F.I.L.F material!

Joe:I'd totally bang her even though she's a fatty.
by Xanx101 December 14, 2009
that dude is totally a FILF
by tities in my liking asss hole November 20, 2008
Father I'd like to Fuck
Neil: Oh look at this guy pushing the pram......

Jay: Yes I know he's a total FILF
by Shanwoy August 14, 2010