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fik or f.ik or f.i.k (for those who are extra OCD) is an acronym for sms which stands for "Fuck I know". Usually used when a surprise element precedes the usage of fik.
Mike: "Dude, did you hear that Tammy got pregnant last night."

Twohy: "FIK, it's gonna be her third kid and that chick is only 18."
by JMather June 12, 2011
A slur pertaining to no actual ethnic group, but sounding like it should
Those damn fiks comin' here to 'Murica an' stealin' jobs.
by James Leighman April 07, 2004
A biker who thinks he's hot but really my dinner was hotter than him. This word is only directed to boys, because girls over power the small brain of a boy.
"Wow he's such a Fik"
"I know right! Good use of words"
by Jellow334 August 14, 2011