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a stylish hat worn by men and/or women. It has earflaps, pom poms, and anything else that at hat-wearer would desire.
wow nice figs hat, man! you look incredible!!
by anonymouslover88 March 06, 2010

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one of those hats with a pom pom on the top and earflaps with pom poms at the end of two strings.
Hey, nice figs hat you got there!
by hazul March 02, 2010
A winter hat worn my many adolescents and adults. They come in a variety of patterns and colors; are characterized by their earflaps and pom-poms.
Boy 1: Dude look at his hat!
Boy 2: Its AWESOME!

Girl: its a Figs Hat! I have one, its blue.
by iLoveFigsHatss February 27, 2010
The winter hat worn by many. They range in colors and patterns. Characterized by the ear-flaps and pom poms.
Boy: dude look at his hat!

boy 2: what?

girl: i love his Figs Hat!
by figshat123 March 07, 2010