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im not supposed to talk about it and neither are you.
dont talk about it or you will get your balls cut off!!!!
by bob March 10, 2005
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Rehab; a method in which one cleanses the soul.
Been to Fight Club? Nope, but feeling much better now.
by bigdadybry July 06, 2006
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when you have sex with a girl and before you cum you beat the crap out of her and cum on her face and leave.
"dude i heard william fight clubed her."
"yeah her face is really beaten up"
by Michael *ocharla March 26, 2008
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the movie that juvinille punk ass white kids like to watch, and then they feel like they can beat anyone in a fight.
The film is about a eratic bipolar schmuck (edward Norton) who founds a fight club that eventually becomes a terrorist group that intends to fulfill operation mayhem. At the same time he constantly beats the shit out of himself thinking that hes fighting his alter ego-Tyler Durdan.
Near the end of the film just about the entire fucking population is in on operation mayhem and destroy giant corperate buildings so that they can "free the public"
Tyler: Ok everyone listen up! First rule about fight club: Don't talk about fight club!
Everyone: Yeah!
Tyler Second rule about figh..
Random person: Wait! your breaking the first rule. your talking about it!!!
Tyler: Ohh...then I guess we're done.
by Morovzny March 07, 2008
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I hear everywhere the movie is awesome, but I hear the game sucks big floppy donkey dick
damn example rules. thats 20 letters
by Adrian December 12, 2004
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An incredibly overrated book/film which, unfortunately, many people mistake as a work of art with great depth, intelligent satire, and important social/political messages. In actuality, it is an incredibly shallow, juvenile attempt at satire. Sort of like Voltaire for kiddies, minus the wit, subtlety, and depth beneath the surface.

Ironically enough, its leagues of (teenaged) fans often make the mistake of thinking that quoting Tyler Durden makes them special -- when one of the wannabe-nihilistic messages of the film is that "nobody is special".
Drooling Idiot: Dude, I just watched this movie called Fight Club, and it was totally awesome! Tyler Durden is so badass, and I love quoting him because it makes me feel special and original when people don't know what I'm talking about. Also, when people respond to it positively, often with another stupid Tyler Durden quote, I feel as though I can finally make a friend. Of course, Fight Club is horribly shallow, juvenile, and devoid of any real political or social meaning, but I'll try to justify liking it by talking about its so-called "anti-consumerist" message.

Educated Person: I love how you say Fight Club is anti-consumerist, when it's a very popular book with millions of copies printed, and was later adapted into a movie with a budget of over sixty million dollars and starring famous actors like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Drooling Idiot: Yeah? Well, uh, you just don't get it! You're too dumb to understand the genius of Fight Club!
by BushEqualsCunt August 07, 2006
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