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im not supposed to talk about it and neither are you.
dont talk about it or you will get your balls cut off!!!!
by bob March 10, 2005
You can no more learn to swim from a textbook than tell someone about fight club. The spread of the story's popularity only enforces its point. Like fucking cancer.
Oh, and "Where is my mind" was so great, possibly the best use of a song in a movie
Someone: Tell me about fight club!!!!!
Me: Look, here's 5 bucks, rent it and find out yourself.
by frosty the devouring snowman September 01, 2005
One of the best cinematic experiences I've ever had. Which led to one of the best literary experiences I've ever had. You haven't been shocked until you have actually read the book. Consider the movie PG, and the book is your NC-17.
Guy 1: Dude, have you seen Fight Club?
Guy 2: Dude, I read it.
Guy 1: Wow. Hey you wanna start a fight club?
Guy 2: Shut up, you missed the point.
#fight club #tyler durden #penguin #man #manly
by A-Ron Sizzle June 24, 2006
A movie/book that is over-used and often misunderstood. This book shows how most of the world is obsessed with consumer products. The movie is not about beating each other senseless for fun, and it is not about the rules and those who are out there writing definitions reciting the rules are just douchebags. The movie is not REAL. It is a MOVIE. Tone down your imaginations and get over it. However, the point the movie makes is a valid and mostly overlooked point that everyone should consider.
"Fight Club was a movie that revolutionized the minds of space monkeys everywhere."

"I know that movie! *starts to recite the rules*"

"The movie isnt about the Fight Clubs you poseur douchebag. Stfu."
by Senada July 27, 2005
One of the most ate up movies I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was a great movie, however.
"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."
by Not Zane September 10, 2004
1) One of the best movies ever made, a sustained and eloquent attack on consumerism which also points out the pitfalls of being a mindless follower or "space monkey"...

2) A thing guys have on Saturday nights after plenty of beer, where they hit each other and laugh when they knock out their teeth or break their thumbs. The next day it feels like your whole body is one big bruise - and typing is kind of tricky.
BILL: I've never been in a fight.
BOB: Oh really.
BILL: Hit me as hard as you can.
BILL: Jesus Christ it really hurts! Why the ear, man?
BOB: (laughs)
Bill punches Bob back and leaves an imprint of his knuckles on Bob's jaw.
Bob swings at Bill again and knocks a chunk of his tooth out. Before long, Bill has Bob in a potentially lethal headlock, and Bob is punching him repeatedly in the testicles.

(next day)
Bob: Man, look at my face. It's all fucked up.
Bill: Man, look at my hand. It's all fucked up.
Both: Same time next week?
by tyler durden February 27, 2004
A really good BOOK written by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996. It is highly acclaimed, and a cult favorite. It was later made into a movie.
person 1: OHMIGOD have you seen Fight Club?
person 2: Yeah, it's really good, have you read the book?
person 1: What book?
person 2: The movie is based on a book. You should read it, it's really good.
person 1: OK!!!
#chuck palahniuk #book #movie #good #lollipop
by Jahosephat July 05, 2006
No such thing...
Mr. Durden
Guy 1: Hey, I heard last night's fight club was insan...
Guy 2: *Knocks him out* *Drags body away*
#fight club #durden #tyler #fight #club #nonexistent
by TwiceVicodin June 29, 2009
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