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A dislexic spelling for Pig Fucker.
Your such a Fig Pucker.....
piss off fig pucker...
by February 20, 2008
A method for expressing the term "pigfucker" whilst in school or another public place.
Guy 1- (At school) Joe is such a figpucker.
Guy 2- Yeah that douchecock.
by Cbass117 January 15, 2008
Figpucker, surame
(Officer) Figpucker is the officer that arrests Francine in the episode "A Jones for a Smith" in the TV-cartoon series "American Dad". After having a few drinks with Greg and Terry. Francine gets arrested for an illegal U turn and admits to drunk driving, calling the officer 'pigfucker' until he corrects her.
by hankthecrank January 04, 2012
The face made when a sour fig is eaten; one who resembles such a face.
That guy's a real fig pucker.
by Mr. Ray October 05, 2006

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