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A numerous amount of times
"I done been to da club 'bout fifty 'leven times!" or "Boy, I done told yo' ass fifty 'leven times to take dat goddamned trash out!!"
by J Blizzle July 29, 2003
an undetermined amount, a lot
Usher's new song Burn: It's been fifty-leven days, um-teen hours
by Eugene Rudolph May 06, 2004
an unspecified long period of time
"It's been fifty 'leven days, umteen hours, I mo be burning till you return"
Usher in Let it Burn
by BMG05 December 02, 2005
a random amount or number
lil jon and the eastside boys - "kuz i been to da club bout fifty-leven times"
by i dont know September 04, 2003
Amounting to a large number; many. (50-11).

Synonyms: a lot, hella, shit load, gang of
"I chewed about "fifty 'leven" packs of gum trying to build that damn website"!

"Damn! That's hella gum!"

"I know. I quit smoking and that CSS was testing my patience"!

by Pencil & X-Acto March 11, 2008
A term used primarily by black people (or white people who are confused about their race) to express extreme exaggeration in a numerical sense.
1. "I done came to the club 'bout fiftyleven times."
-Get Low, by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz

2. Man, I'm gonna' get me 'bout fiftyleven pieces of chicken.

3. Man 1 - How many o' them shits you got, boy?
Man 2 - Shit, least fiftyleven.

4. That nigga' charged me fiftyleven dollars for that weed man. Let's roll us a big ass blunt. Then we can get some KFC.
by Carlos V. July 06, 2008
1: Ghetto math for 61.
2. The number of times Lil' Jon, the Eastside Boys, and the Yin Yang Twins have come to the club looking for you.
1. (50 + 11)*Ghetto = 61
2. "I done came to the club bout fifty leven times! Can I play with yo panty line?"
by Jack MB February 18, 2009
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