someone who uses feathers to give someone a boner.
Get the fuck over here you fifer.
by Joey Rockwell May 23, 2008
Top Definition
1.The definition of a bitch who thinks she owns the world and everything in it, including the people and everything that they own.

2. Someone who has strange distorted ideas of social conduct. Is very poseurish and will alter appearances or personality traits to suit those whom they are with. Is extremeley rude and considers self highly surperior to others (who happen to look down upon them) which they does not appear to perceive.

3. A person who believes themself to be beautiful, sexy, and very popular, so much that they will tell a whole community so. When the actual situaltion is that they only have few friends, and the people (most of the community) who aren't their friends actually severely hate them.

4. Is extremely rude, especially under pressure.
"Ugh, i don't want to hang out with joe, he's such a fifer"
"Stop being a fifer, you're pissing me off!"
by supapimp January 05, 2008
a person that originates from the county of fife in scotland.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
An alternitave slang word for the G5 computer chips.
Dude, you just bought a fifer?
by Peter Stenland December 19, 2003
a bad ass that will slit yo throat in a minute
by john May 12, 2003
Arby's four for five deal. Four tempting roast beef sandwiches for only five bucks.
Drive thru lady: Wadda ya want?
Shawn: I'll take the fifer.
Drive thru lady: Come on around.
by hello world1 December 03, 2006
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