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1. The slang term for a penis longer than 8 1/2 inches.
2. A penis which has a unique maneuverability, almost a mind of its own.
3. A snake disguised as a penis.
Samir: Jeez, look at his Fierro!
James: I know, i can see it through his jeans!

Tony: Did you see how i used my Fierro?
Kevin: Yeah, it was a very convincing puppet!
by Chris Gutes August 08, 2012
18 6
Fierro is actually Italian for strong fire. And its an Italian mafia family from Sicily, not Mexico.
That Fierro is a ginnie
by Gambini May 15, 2008
41 45
Strong Mexican mafia family, construction company, Yard work, and nucular powerplant owner
That Michael Fierro Is a BEAN
by Lindz G January 08, 2008
34 51