n. craving, desiring, wanting, obsessing (over or about).
"Ever since I drove past Kennedy's Fried Chicken, I've been fiending for some fried white meat chicken and mashed potatoes!"
by RAK*Star August 21, 2011
Top Definition
to incredibly crave for something, as in sex or drugs
I'm feinding for you, baby.
by Pshhh July 19, 2005
Feeling very desperate for a drug, like you'll do anything to get it.
Yo Chico man, I am FIENDING for some acid.
by Droopy March 25, 2004
to really crave something, to do something
i'm fiending for her touch.
by kashmoney October 14, 2005
a meth like desire for something. To really crave something or someone
I am fiending for that guy right now.

I am fiending for some perk right now.
by .that's what's up. October 18, 2009
1. To do something with extreme intensity and vigor.
2. To want something, badly
3. To compete in something, or otherwise complete a task, with success.
1 - "I'm fiending some studies this weekend, then probably getting fucked up all week"
2- "I'm fiending a slice of pizza right now"
3- "Man you were fiending in ball last night... most preemz"
by youngmoneythekid July 29, 2012
The act of asking or looking or wanting drugs/sex/food etc. in a more aggressive way.

"Man.....man You know. I just tasted it, can I hit it again man?

"WTF cunt, you just hit it right before me!!! quit Fiending.
by Bheagan_Aodh October 03, 2007

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