to describe a really really ugly unpleasant person (usually facially). usually met when you were unwholesomly drunk or out of your mind.
"omg, i met this guy last night and today morning, i found out he was a FIEND! ahhh!"
by ariee June 11, 2005
A very evil and cruel nasty creature.Very good substitution to other forms of name calling.
You you sinister, demented fiend!
by dm,nerd November 16, 2006
A relatively short person, generally they are just taller than hobbits. They tend to group together to attack unsuspecting hobbits who have done nothing to bother them. Sometimes fiends breakup into smaller groups and are more terrifying since they seem to be everywhere at once. They can be identified by wearing brightly coloured shirts that clash with their outfits. Some have a limited vocabulary. Some are shy and refrain to just staring. Some have a very pineapple-y / tree-ish apperance.
Ahh! Fiends! Woosh!
by Hobbit Mafia December 19, 2005
A denizen of the Lower Planes in Dungeons & Dragons cosmology.
Balors are among the most deadly of fiends.
by Pope Smot, BSC April 24, 2003
One of who's actions are fiendish in nature; A malevolent person; American reporters.
If it bleeds, it leads.So, more "terror" stories at 11. CNN, warmongering fiend network.
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 17, 2003
a cool version of sayin friend
ur my best fiend = ur my best fren
by trajikace September 03, 2007
someone who goes super hard over something that is not that serious.
mary was a fiend when she was constantly asking susan for some chips after susan told her no like 500 times.
by saskia/crystal March 30, 2003

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