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A common miss-spelling of friend.
She's a fiend of mine.
by knightoflalaland April 16, 2011
A person who saves a .2 Nug for the next day, for a bowl.
will hit the resin.
usually short, 5'3, dark.

hispanic, dark hair and tends to eat a lot.
Person 1:"Hey do you know Juan?"
Person 2: "which Juan? Juan Sebastian?"
Person 1 "noooo Fiend Juan!!!"
Person 2 "Oh..that Juan?!"
by DANKSTANK45 October 18, 2010
someone that needs drugs
that guy is a crack fiend
by matt cooney April 29, 2009
a hardcore misfits fan.
Dude, John is the biggest fiend I know!
by DamnDirtyApe June 13, 2005
someone who is addicted or "fiending" for something, either being food or drugs or an activity.
person 1: Yo! Do you know who Jesse is?
person 2: Who the fiend?
person 1: Yeah! The fiend!
by sea nanners September 02, 2010
Someone who likes to embarrass others when their are having a nice conversation with their friend's younger sibling.
"Yea this Israeli girl was a total fiend to me tonight. She totally wrecked my whole evening."
by Draco Malfoy@Hogwarts January 24, 2012
Jeff Haimer & Methamphetamine.
Subject A Smoking Methamphetamine And Jeff Haimer Hounding Them To Burn Down The Stem To Take A Hit When There's A Bowl Packed Already like a Fiend
by Bowl Duster August 26, 2008