a devotee or user of whatever is indicated
The sex fiends in the room above are always keeping me awake at night with the sounds of their antics.
by Light Joker August 01, 2005
n. a person who is extremely addicted to something ; an addict

"Can't believe she became an an opium fiend."

"I tongue kissed a coke-fiend at the afterhours."

by Miss. Devine February 16, 2009
Extreme fans of the misfits are "the fiend club" or just Fiends.
"we are the Fiend club"
by crusty_punk May 23, 2005
Dalton Battaglia. He is a fiend and does a lot of fiend things.
Dalton is a fiend.
Dalton is obsessed with lizzy cause hes a fiend.
by crazyfiend May 02, 2011
Fiend is commonly misused and misspelled as FEEN.
Also improperly used as a verb, such a fiending or feening.

Fiend is a noun to describe a person who has a strong desire or craving for something or and extreme fan.

He is a sports fiend.
She is a weed fiend.
by Hcastillo June 16, 2008
Noun: A total fanatic of the band Creature Feature that will do whatever it takes to make Curtis R and Erik X's plan for world domination. Often has the exacct number of days until the next Friday the 13th or Halloween. Believes everyday is Halloween. Often wises you the worst of luck. Bad luck is they're good luck. True Fiends are often the slightest bit insane. Often jokes around about body snatching, grave robbing, and not using Halloween decorations but the real thing... or doesn't joke. Fiends are a intresting creature that will usually wait for something bad to happen. They're often ghastly so, don't be surprised if they're amti-social.
Guy 1: Woah, you see that chick releasing spiders over there?
Guy 2: Ya, I saw her setting up ladders the other day.
Girl 1: Weird. I saw her with a shovel at the Graveyard last week.
Guy 1: Hey Fiend! Have the time 'till Halloween?
Fiend: 88 days!
by SweetandSadistic August 10, 2012
Someone who acts obnoxious, or extremely crazy. Often used with the term "ratchet"
"You ratchet fiend!" Billy screamed when Jill made a fool of herself in public.
by Ratchet Rach February 07, 2013

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