A fun sports game where girls run around hitting a hard small ball around with sticks on a field. It is the one of the best sports ever!
by Nancy May 15, 2003
The best sport ever created. Played mostly by girls. Guys wish they could play. The uniforms are awesome most of the time. The goalies are courageous and some look like they are on steroids. The stick actually doesn't look like a hockey stick that much it is shaped like a "J". The balls are big (That's what she said) and solid. It is easy to get injured but the players are so damn fine that they don't care.
when people say they are going to play the best sport ever immeditaly assume they mean field hockey
by Nikki L. April 11, 2008
Field Hockey- One of the Best Sports Out there.. For the Absoulute Hottest!! Girls!!

A sport that takes speed, endurance and perseverance, to score a goal, YES!!.. IT IS HOCKEY!!.. just on the FIELD.. (FIELD HOCKEY), WITH SIMILAR rules..WITH similar sticks, and no the Girls are NOT Lesbians..THEY work hard and during conditioning they practice every single minute of every single day..

For Field Hockey Players there is NO OFF SEASON

Field Hockey players are #1, and it is ONE of the BEST SPORTS out there!!

So if you date a Field Hockey player (girl) DON'T ever let her go!!



Hockey has long been the domain of Asian countries. European and North American countries have never been too keen on that sport, although some European countries do indulge in the game. For those of you who do not know much about the game, it comprises two teams of eleven players each. There is a small hard disc known as the puck, which the players have to manoeuvre into the opponent's goal post using their hockey sticks. The goalkeeper has to try his best to save the goal and thereby prevent the opponent team from scoring. Each team has the objective of making the maximum number of goals within a specified time limit, which is the duration of the match.

Kinds of HOCKEY:

Hockey today, is just not restricted to the regular game played on a grassy field or an artificial tuft. There are various kinds or versions of hockey that people play these days. The other types of hockey, which are quite popular, are.

• Ice hockey

• Roller hockey
by Field Hockey is a great sport! September 12, 2009
The best hockey out there. More civilized than Ice hockey and just plain better than floor and rollor. It's an olympic sport that also has many world cups and a large fan base. Some of the best in the world are men too; Teun De Nooijer, Jaimie Dwyer, Nate Coolidge, Christopher Zeller. But women dominate in the U.S. with Amy Tran, Kate Barber (retired), Dina Rizzo, Jen Long, ect. One tough ass sport where you sweat blood from all the running, break fingers and backs to no end, and sculpt perfect quads from being low so often.
example one
Kim: "What are you doing after school?"
Leah: "Hockey practice, I was the rage in the cage last night agianst Ridley."
Kim: "Oh I quit hockey because it was so tough and I can't run as well as the other girls even though I'm on track."
Leah: "It's okay, not everyone can be great enough to play."

example two
Bob: "only lesbians play field hockey"
Ashley: "if thats true than I'm the hottest lesbian you've ever seen."
Bob: "true that"
by fieldhockeyplaya23 August 19, 2009
The most amazing sport to ever be created. Consisting of a team of at least 11 or more determined, in shape, atheltic girls (or guys!) and a pretty brave goalkeeper. The forwards, mid-fielders and sometimes defense sprint up and down the field for an extended amount of time. Often referred to as a "Lesbian sport". HAHAHA no. Why don't you try running up and down a field non-stop for almost an hour? Excatly. Most people can't. Field Hockey is physically demanding and full of skill players devolp over weeks and weeks at a time. Goalies have hard plastic balls flying at them at 60 MPH. Field players are getting whacked by sticks (wood or composite). and are constantly getting knocked over, tripped, and hit. But let me be the first to say, NOTHING is better than hearing the ball whack into the back of the goal. So next time you make fun of Field Hockey, go try it and see how you do.
Marvin: "Hey did you see the field hockey game yesterday?"

Harry: "Yeah I have no clue how those girls run for 50 minutes straight."

Marvin: "Right? It seems pretty hard. I respect th
by fieldhockey9876 July 15, 2012
a sport designed for butchy females who have thunder thighs and act like dudes
john: yo who are those girls who have monstrous legs?

tom: they are girls who play field hockey

john: fuckin butches..
by DFAC February 29, 2012
Well as we all know every stupid fuckin woman needs a sport. So now we have Field hockey. Field hockey is by the gayest fucking sport known to man, worse than the WNBA. There are many reasons as to why this is a crime of a sport. 1. Trying to replicate ice hockey which lets be honest no one can do because its the most difficult of all sports. 2. The sticks are retarded looking. 3. The ball, yeah it looks like a shot put piece of shit. 4. Woman are so proud of the fact that they can "play" fockey when no one even likes this pointless sport. And 5. WOMAN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN, OR IN BED SUCKIN A FAT DONG.
Every single girl at Killingly High School needs to shut the fuck up about field hockey because its not even entertaining nor is it difficult.
by Puckmaster May 28, 2012
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