when you are so stoned that you think you are laying in a bed of flowers
"hey why are you just laying on the gruond laughing?"

"im on a field trip man."
#trip #trippy #weed #bud #maryjane #marijuana #hippy
by geekbomber1 October 27, 2008
fun trips to movies, concerts, ball games, etc.
YB: Babes The Roots are at the House of blues Saturday You wanna go?

B: Yes! Field Trip!
#field trip #trip #road trip #voyage #staycation
by YB3 May 27, 2008
To pre-plan a trip to the whore house with at least a three week gap before the prearranged date. This allows the attendees time to save up some money before the date of the actual "trip."
I can't wait for the field trip!
by BAD LT March 16, 2005
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