Evil old dictator who enjoys dressing up like a soldier and smoking cigars... Can't wait till he dies so I can party all night long.
Fidel Castro should die soon.
by bubba November 13, 2003
loser,nobody,the bottom of the scum barrel.
he's a real fidel castro motherfucker!
by dslman22 November 04, 2003
Revolutionary leader and liberator of Cuba from Batista. After a failed military coup he was arrested, made his (in)famous speech ending with the words; "history will absolve me"
sentenced for 26 years but released after 2; went on to start second revolution and liberate the people.
Fidel Castro? doesn't he have an engine-oil named after him?
by Dom January 24, 2005
fidel castro is a common reference made towards people who think they are really cool and funny, but in actuality, they are not. when a "fidel castro" is spotted, it is usually quite hilarious because their stupidity is actually able to be seen by the human eye. it's like an aura. and, as most of us now, people really that dumb, are just plain HILARIOUS to look at. their very existance makes me want to weep tears of apathy.
elitis, or define this more clearly, a person who really sucks.
by danelle April 10, 2005
Cuba was once ruled by a military ruler, until Fidel Castro came into power after a revolution. Fidel Castro quickly tried to secure trade ties with the United States, but as he was sympathetic to communists the United States was afraid he was one himself. Having no trade ties with the United States, he turned to the Soviet Union.

He is a great speaker and charismatic leader who gained power legitimately. It is contested whether he has maintained power legitamently.

He made health care available to all people and schooling free. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union Cuba's middle class has been losing support for Fidel Castro. The dissenters of the middle class and those trying to escape the poverty forced by the embargo make up those trying to flee Cuba. Support within the lower class is still strong.

Economically Cuba is a much more equal place to live.However, social freedoms are not as good. There are many of what Amnesty International calls "Prisoners of Conscience." It is illegal to speak against Fidel Castro, even peacefully. Many things such as this are problems in Cuba.

The embargo is a huge blow to Cuba economically, which has repetedly been voted against by the vast majority of the United Nations. The embargo also serves to cover up the social injustices of Cuba as there is less trade coming in and out of Cuba. If the Embargo were ended, Cuba would be a better place to live economically and socially.

The United States had repetedly tried to murder Fidel Castro and even tried to launch an invasion. This invasion became known as the Bay of Pigs. It was unsuccessful as Fidel Castro quickly squelched what support there was and the rest Cuba's population resisted strongly.

Fidel Castro is one of the most successful socialist revolutionary leaders. He transformed Cuba into a much more economically equal place than places like America, but he has been a harsh leader as well. His age is getting up there though and he can't live too much longer. Upon his death, his brother, Raul Castro, will mostly like gain power.
People act like Fidel Castro has made Cuba a crappy place. Cuba has it's problems, but so does the United States. They just aren't the same problems.

I greatly admire Fidel Castro as a socialist leader, even if I don't agree with everything he did in the name of Communism.
by Dr. Batido June 18, 2006
Dream presidential candidate of the Democrat party in the U.S.
Hillary Clinton has slick dreams about Fidel Castro.
by JFK March 18, 2004
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