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World’s longest ruling dictator. Transformed Cuba in a prison where people risk their lifes to escape.
If Fidel Castro's government is so good like the Left says, why cubans are not allowed to vote for president or to leave the country?
by fuckTheUN August 21, 2003
460 314
the dictator of Cuba who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, but is just a complete bastard who likes to make people's lives impossible
There is going to be a huge party in Cuba the day Fidel Castro dies.
by jczles February 19, 2008
259 123
When a male inserts his cigar into the female's vagina, fondels her with it, then smokes it.
Bill Clinton performed a "Fidel Castro" on Monica Lewinsky, during their affair in the oval office.
by stephw December 19, 2006
205 79
a mean, ugly bastard
Fidel Castro is a dickhead
by sexiibitch August 03, 2006
230 132
Evil old dictator who enjoys dressing up like a soldier and smoking cigars... Can't wait till he dies so I can party all night long.
Fidel Castro should die soon.
by bubba November 13, 2003
225 135
loser,nobody,the bottom of the scum barrel.
he's a real fidel castro motherfucker!
by dslman22 November 04, 2003
197 118
Revolutionary leader and liberator of Cuba from Batista. After a failed military coup he was arrested, made his (in)famous speech ending with the words; "history will absolve me"
sentenced for 26 years but released after 2; went on to start second revolution and liberate the people.
Fidel Castro? doesn't he have an engine-oil named after him?
by Dom January 24, 2005
418 341