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Attraction to fictional characters. Fangirls most commonly are afflicted with this.
Attraction to ficitonal characters: Harry Potter, Legolas, Eragon, etc.

'I'm a fangirl who has fictiophilia. I like Numair, from the Immortals, by Tamora Peirce.'
by fantasizing_fluff November 19, 2006
The attraction to fictional characters, could be either from books, video-games, and anime, etc.
I suffer from fictiophilia and I'm in love with Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Cloud Strive!
by Queen Of Fangirls July 14, 2011
Most commonly afflicting fangirls, it is a condition that involves being irrevocably in love with a fictional character, sometimes involving writing fanfiction and many many pieces of flair.
I suffer from fictiophilia on a daily basis for Draco Malfoy and Edward Cullen!
by caitisplain May 30, 2009
attraction to fictional characters, most commonly from harry potter books.
People nowadays are becoming more fictiophilian and obssesed with fictional characters.....
by Mimilina October 24, 2007
Attraction to fictional characters.. Most commonly from Harry Potter books. In my humble opinion.
Examples of someone with Fictiophilia:
"I'm going to mother Ron Weasley's children!"
Or even more annoyingly; "OMG! DRACO IS SOOO HAWT!!"
by Ashes<3 April 08, 2007
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