Something which is not real or exists only in someones imagination.
santa claus
the tooth fairy
Easter bunny
The bible and other storybooks.
Everyone knows god is fiction but many are too big-headed to admit they are wrong.
by Gav April 14, 2004
someone whos fake, not real! puttin up a front.
Aye dawg Jermaine said he saw yo dime hookin up wit Shawn, "man you know dat mutha fucka is fiction."
by JonD. September 06, 2005
Something that is not true. A lie.
Science fiction.
Religious text.
Anything a politician says.
99% of what comes out of a woman's mouth.
The fact that presidents get elected by popular vote
Just about every doomsday prediction ever made.
Anything in the tabloids.
Anything on CNN.
Video games.
by AYB April 09, 2003
something that is cool! sub for words like cool, awesome, rad
dude, thats hella fiction!
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
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