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When a girl is both fit but fat!
The meaning of Fiat is rather strange. We are not sizest by any means nor does this excuse beer goggles or what the beer monkey does to you. Fiat is simply the fact that you see a fat person and think damn she is pretty hot but is fat hence Fiat, Fit but fat. Its nothing to be ashamed of, or is it....
by Big-Dirty-Man-Whore October 04, 2009
The repairing of a Fiat
Hey Fix It Again Tony
by leach man October 31, 2003
Used in debate, it's a process by which you can just assume that a plan gets passed by congress and such, so that you can debate the benifits of the plan, not just congress shit.

Also is abused, debaters will claim fiat for anything that they can't prove will happen.
Well what proof do you have that the UN will create and RRF?

We fiat the UN.
by Cooljoebob64 December 31, 2004
the previous acronyms are inaccurate, all true FIAT owner know that it stands for Ferrari In Affordable Trim
The FIAT coupe 2.0 20v turbo, one of the best handling front wheel drive sports cars ever made, with a body shell designed by Pinafarina, who also design for Ferrari
by Jayfish July 07, 2004
Auto manufacturing group. Also owns around 50% of the Ferrari company.
Ferrari's sales are getting better and better, which may or may not be due to Fiat's ownership of it.
by E Lin November 12, 2003
Someone who looks quite Fit but is a little on the fat side, hence Fiat!

(From Fit and Fat)
Jim: Dude she's so fat!
Ted: No dude, she is so Fiat, I would!
by Davey_Boy June 12, 2008
A term used in policy debate, the affirmative's power to pass the plan in order to debate impacts. Allows the debate to progress instead of debating whether or not the plan will be passed.
"We fiat the plan into existence."
by jjjkl February 16, 2005