Fucking Italian Attempt (at) Transport

Also according to one member of the TopGear audience made in France...
The "Cinqecuento" (or hover the hell you spell it) is a Fucking Italian Attempt (at) Transport
by Wil July 25, 2004
1.An act or command without act of something.
2.To dictate. An authoritative determination.
3.An arbitrary order or to decree.
4.Latin for let it be done.
5. An Italian automobile of Turin.
example 1.(Federal Reserve notes are fiat for they are not worth their substance)

example 2. (monopoly game money)

Every empire in history that used fiat has failed.
by JDino January 11, 2009
"Fuck In A Truck". This would be the guy in the huge truck that makes harassment of innocent drivers on the road his regular business. M.O. includes tailgating, taking corners with little-to-no breaking, and possessing a generally obnoxious, pissed off type of energy. Typical F.I.A.T. behavior includes (but not limited to): riding your ass for going ONLY 15 mph OVER the speed limit, then whipping around you and deafening you with his pimped out dual exhaust system, and completing the transaction by squeezing back in front of you in the 30" inches you left between yourself and the car in front of you. Also, vehicle of choice most commonly includes a decal of Calvin pissing on a ford/chevy/dodge logo adhered to the back window.
I couldn't see the pedestrian crossing the street, officer, because I was temporarily blinded by some F.I.A.T. and his 1 million watt headlights riding my ass for the past 10 minutes.


On my way home from work tonight I thought I was being followed by a U.F.O. But... it turns out it was just a F.I.A.T.
by Jessica Scholl December 09, 2006
The Italian version of Ford.
Fiat stands for "fix it again Tony"
by xsnake1 January 01, 2015

yo, you a FIAT!
by mumy May 27, 2014
A female who appears to be high class, but in actuality is just trashy and high maintenance. Similar to the car of the same name.
I met a girl Friday who seemed well bred, but wen she got in a fight with that other chick, I realized she was a Fiat.
by LucasOil February 09, 2010
The place between Fat and Average. When you are Fiat it often means you're a little on the chubby side, eat a lot more than you weigh, should be fatter than you actually are, and grab food faster than a snapping turtle.
Andrew is so fiat, he just keeps eating while he should actually be fatter.
by Cubanboy October 19, 2009

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