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some type of scandal, treachery...etc etc. refers to the 0ctober 2007 VH1 Hip Honors show involving rapper Lupe Fiasco. While covering a verse during a tribute to hip hop group, A Tribe Called Quest, Lupe forgot the last two lines spurring a huge backlash from Tribe fans on the internet claiming that Fiasco didnt research his material hard enough since Tribe was considered a classic act. In response to critics Lupe claimed he had never listened to the Midnight Maurauders album from which the song he was covering came from (Electric Relaxation), as well as gangsta rap from the early 90's having a harder impact on him than Tribe Called Quest, and also the notion that he initially refused the offer to honor Tribe from VH1 but later decided to do it since Tribe member Q-Tip asked him to. Lupe also went on to state that he would never be interested in listening to Midnight Mauraders further angering fans who believed his statemtns to be arrogant and disrespectful to one of the pioneeers of socially conscious rap, Tribe. With huge attention focused on the incident by hip hop media outlets, stories were later changed, and recanted leading the whole thing to be dubbed as Fiascogate (a nod to Watergate scandal from the Clinton presidential administration).
Friend 1:There'a rumor that says Billy hooked up with my ex but I dont know what to believe

Friend 2: Billy said he would hook up with her only if you knew and didnt care

Friend 3: Billy actually just told me he hooked up with her but only after your ex said you wouldnt care.

Billy: Hey guys!

Friend 2: Sounds like another fiascogate about to go down!
by Cease-A-Leo October 11, 2007
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