Top Definition
A fat whore.
I hate her. She is such a fhore.
by josh_w January 13, 2009

-Fake Whores
girls who like to act like there sluts and talk about blowing dick and getting banged and etc... but have not had there cherrry popped and never seen a dick not on a computer screen
This fhore was texting me about how she wanted to do me so bad, but after i said lets do it i never heard from her again
by Crush The Sea Turtle October 27, 2008
Fuckin + whore=Fhore
Uh i can't stand that fucking whore

Oh you mean that fhore Tiffany
by 4evatwisted July 19, 2009
Yeah, that's right. Your a Facebook whore.. YOU BITCH! To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you fucking serious?
Jon- How's it going?
Kate- Pretty good, you should add me on Facebook?
Jon- I'll pass.. ya fuckin fhore.
Kate- ...huh?
by Thomas Bender, December 25, 2010

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