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This word defines a Warrior who equips The Unstoppable Force and cleaves with the battle stance on elites. This is followed by a finishing move known as Whirlwind in berserker stance. Only applicable in the Uldaman instance in Badlands on the WoW Shattered Hand realm.
"You know last time ah, i go with they all ah; you know the insten Uldaman in the badland ah, i go in ah, i equip unstoppable force ah, i attrak all the elite ah, then i CLEAVE ah! all die! Then i change to berserker sten ah, then i whirlwind ah, all die! in short ah, i FHEEDHAWOOH them!"
"who mamak fheedhawooh? ma.. mak, fheedhawooh. who. ma.. mak, fheedhawooh. where YUER note?"
by Stheehvhen Seeghal October 29, 2006
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