Fuck Fake Nigga's Its a Group of crazy niggas that don't like no other nigga's
Hey that nigga just SCUFFED MY KICKS! Yeah he's a hella FN! F.F.N fo' life MARK ASS TRICK!
by Pelican blood January 19, 2009
Top Definition
Abbreviation of "farewell for now"

An informal way to say a formal goodbye
Salutations! ffn!
by Dr. Marvick September 16, 2009
Abbreviation for Fucking Fox News
Leave it to FFN for misinforming and twisting the facts of the news.
by F-F-N October 05, 2013
Friday Fun Night! Do something crazy and take pics!
Jim had an indoor snowball fight for FFN and sent his pics to admin@fridayfunnight.com! Now the whole world can see!
by FFN Cofounder May 02, 2011
The abbreviation of Full Frontal Nudity
Did u see Showgirls? It had a bunch of FFN in it.
by St. Louis Rox November 06, 2005
Stands for fanfiction.net, a large online archive of fanfiction.
"Hey, did you read my new fic? I posted it on ffn the other day."
by Arwen March 14, 2005
an elite group that owns your ass
We lost to FFN so left proper and make a reason like "mono" cuz we are teh sux
by FTV March 01, 2004
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