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a really awesome san francisco based band.
Did you see the Festizio last night at Ireland's? They really saved my life.
by ppod October 22, 2006
49 115
Someone who is degenerate or is as morally low or lower as a degenerate. Its origin is on Family Guy when Peter makes up an insult to counter the term "degenerate" which he believes is also makes up.
A degenerate? Well you are a festizio.
by Klotz November 27, 2003
456 112
A term that is generally equivalent to tool and douche bag, but used to describe people with an extra-strong sense of undeserved self-importance.

Festizios are often talented individuals, but their accomplishments are always overshadowed by their over-sized egos and tendency to believe everyone love them.
Drake: Dude, we won our lacrosse game yesterday and I had 2 goals!
Matt: That's awesome, nice job Drake!
Drake: I know, there's a reason I'm team captain and all the girls want me.
Matt: ya, cool Drake {walks away and talks to another guy}....God, Drake is so cocky.
Brett: Ya, everyone knows hes a huge festizio.
by Someguy98989 January 31, 2009
78 58
when you have a MAJOR crush on somebody who loves your best friend, and you are really sad.
wow. he loves maddy. this is such a festizio!!!
by goldenticket#3 March 04, 2011
15 48
An awesome band too
Im going to see festizio at the gelato place tonight.
by Cordy May 16, 2004
26 90
a women lawyer who is obsessed with protecting other women for sexual harassment.
well you are a festizio
by goat bastid/rat bastid November 18, 2004
30 95
a huge party usually lasting 3 or more days.
(lots and lots of intercourse)
Joe: hey im having this huge motha fucken party you wanna come fuck some bitches

Bob: Hell yeah ! when is this shit going down?

Joe: starts tomorrow ends next week

Bob: Fuck yeah!! a festizio?!?!

Joe: hell yeah motha fucka!
by (:smiley bastard:) August 20, 2009
3 69